2 Chronicles 9:7-9

           How well do you respect the LORD? More times than not, how we are with GOD are how we are towards each other. Remember we are made in the image of GOD. We disrespect each other all the time. This is not love for our fellow man nor is it love towards GOD.

          To take it a bit further we also don’t respect ourselves. We call ourselves all kinds of disrespectful names; we don’t dress with integrity; we don’t speak with integrity and so on. Believe it or not our education has also been compromised; being educated is not cool.

          When GOD commands us to fear HIM, HE does not mean fear as in dread; dismay; horror or panic and so on. When GOD commands us to fear, what HE means is to respect HIM. Be in full knowledge of what GOD can do and not what you think HE can or will do. GOD is not sitting up on HIS throne with a club or bat to split your head open when you do wrong. GOD wants you to fellowship with HIM and to Love HIM.

          When we are aware of what we do and what we say towards GOD; others and ourselves maybe we will discontinue the disrespect.

          Another thing I will like to share is this, stop judging others. We all need to be worked on; even me. Stop looking at the short comings of others and work on you. Judge yourself. GOD is the only Judge, who judges HIS creation righteously. When we judge, we judge unrighteous. We assume; we rarely have the facts in full; we are guilty of judging others with our assumptions and apart of the facts. If you are going to judge, judge with the full facts or leave people alone. Love on people, love people into the arms of JESUS. Now this is righteous.

          We are all the time in controversy with ourselves and others. This is not good nor is it Godly.

          It is crucial that we all walk in integrity; blameless of heart and faithful at all times.

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