JESUS heals

matthew423Thousands of people in this world are sick and thousands of people in this world are just in pain. With that being written; I want to share with you that I believe completely in the healing of JESUS mainly because I myself have literally experienced manifestations of release from attacks on my body.

 JESUS on the cross already healed each and every human and we have this confirmation in scripture. But HE was wounded because of our crimes, crushed because of our sins; the disciplining that makes us whole fell on HIM, and by *HIS bruises* we are healed, Is.53:5 CJB. But HE was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. HE was beaten so we could be whole. HE was whipped so we could be healed, NIV. But HE was wounded for our transgressions, HE was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon HIM, and by HIS stripes we are healed, NKJV.

 I purposefully used three various translations for this reason; JESUS was so badly beaten that HIS flesh was literally destroyed. HIS back was one HUGE gaping hole; stripes can be counted when left intact. JESUS is our sin bearing MESSIAH.

 Isaiah 53:2, tell us this; HE has no form or comeliness and when we see HIM; there is no beauty that we should desire HIM, KJV.

Most of us have witnessed the results of whips from a belt, extension cord, hand slap, paddle, ruler or switch. A person would have to abuse another today to cause the opening of flesh with those weapons.

During the lifetime of JESUS corporal punishment was whipping and to be executed by being nailed on the cross. No human was allowed to be beaten forty or more times because it was sure to cause death due to its severity. However, there was no mercy taken on JESUS at all and HE got all forty lashes.

 Now back to the three translations; I am more apt to believe in the translation of the Jewish bible simple because if you were to take a piece of fresh flesh and beat it with sharp instruments attached to anything pliable such as a belt or whip. Roman whips were known to have metal balls, spikes and teeth attached to the ends of the leather straps. You will notice that the flesh will begin to fling from the body; it will be impossible for the flesh to remain intact; it would become a horrific, bloody mess without distinction. So either you can call the bruises one HUGE stripe or one HUGE hole either way every ailment, disease, illness and sickness known and unknown was placed in those wounds on our behalf.

 We need to close our eyes and really get a picture of what JESUS looked like on that cross; not those nice, pretty faces, pelvic covered models that we are accustomed to viewing. Those images are not justifiable as to what JESUS went through for this world.

 What have you been diagnosed with; has the doctors told you that nothing can be done; what you have, does it run in your family; are you missing any type of body part; are you in pain; are you dealing with seasonal allergies; is anything shorter or longer? Do you want to be healed? Will you believe / trust that JESUS has already healed you and that all you need to do is take it?

 I want you to trust in JESUS; my testimony is that my right hand was partially paralyzed during the early 1990’s and in 1995 I was listening to a gentleman and he began praying for people. Now I had seen people since I was a wee lass get prayed over and slapped down to the floor and like many of you I laughed. But this was different; then I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to raise my hand up; I did. Then the Holy Spirit said to me go place your hand on the speaker of the TV; I did. The next thing I felt was like liquid fire then I was overtaken by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. During 2009 I was diagnosed with fibroid tumors ranging from the size of ping-pong balls to grape fruits; number of tumors 25. No doctor wanted to operate on me because of my medical history; you see I’m a stroke survivor; at the time those tumors were in my uterus I also had a brain tumor. So all they kept doing was sending me home with pain medication and saying that there was nothing that can be done. Now I have an extremely low tolerance for pain; not only did I look like I was nine months pregnant but I was contracting and with every contraction I literally was pushing. No baby in my uterus but my uterus did not know this; it was doing what it was designed to do.

 Every day for a year I laid at home in pain screaming and drugged out of my mind with the exception of the moments of clarity when I would see what was posted on my wall that I had written from the Word of GOD. “I will not die but live”, Ps. 118:17.

 Eventually, the LORD worked through a surgeon; the tumors were all successfully removed and I began to walk that very same day without pain medication that day or any day since. Many of the doctors and nurses were shocked.

 In 2013 after living with the tumor in my brain for thirteen years JESUS removed the tumor without the assistance of human effort. Today my flesh is dealing with neuropathy and I don’t lay or sit around cursing or nursing the pain my flesh is in. Why? Because, just as I know JESUS has already taken all those other problems from me this too will pass from me; I trust in HIM to manifest HIS promises in my life. JESUS has restored my vision when strokes caused me to be blind and I had to use blind man cane. Nothing is impossible for JESUS; Lk.1:37.

 These are the key words I suggest you look up when searching for every healing scripture involving JESUS.

  • JESUS said
  • I AM willing
  • Be healed
  • Your sins are forgiven
  • Sin no more

 This healing scripture involves Peter and John; it’s my favorite

  • Acts 3:5 expecting

 I sure hope that you will be encouraged by today’s blog and most of all I pray that you search the scriptures out for yourself and trust JESUS. Then please share with AMFBeM how JESUS has healed you; we want to celebrate with you. Go to to post your testimonial.

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