Colossians 1 {part 2}

I know that it is super awesome to be considered qualified by our heavenly FATHER; the LORD GOD to be partakers in the inheritance of light. Our FATHER has delivered us from the power of darkness; we are no longer prisoners of sin; we are not zombies and our blinders have been removed to see the truth. We have been transported into the kingdom of HIS SON of HIS LOVE. We have been redeemed through HIS precious blood and forgiven of past, present and future sins. JESUS is the image of the invisible GOD; is it not wonderful to have our invisible GOD cloth HIMSELF in flesh just for you and me? (JESUS is supreme over all creation *Complete Jewish Bible). In JESUS all things were created that are in heaven and on earth; visible and invisible be it thrones; dominions; authorities or rulers and powers. All means all; things were created through JESUS and for JESUS.JESUS can’t be spoken of as a past noun because JESUS is and has always been a present noun. JESUS is. JESUS is before all things and in JESUS all things exist. JESUS is the head of the body which is the true church within HIM who is the beginning; the firstborn from the dead that in all things JESUS will have the pre-eminence or the highest of the high. JESUS pleased HIS FATHER and in JESUS all fullness lives. In JESUS we are reconciled not only mankind but all things are reconciled to JESUS. Now I don’t exactly know what that means that all things are reconciled to JESUS. However, I would like to believe that because JESUS created the world and saw that it was good and mankind in his sinful ways is filled with destruction. The earth groans because it was not created to bear witness to the increase of sin. Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells; (2 Peter 3:13). But not only that I believe that we have been given another assurance because Apostle Paul wrote that things on earth or in heaven; however, I don’t see where heaven has a need to be reconciled to peace through the blood of JESUS. I am making this claim because at the slightest bit of confusion Lucifer the Arch angle was booted out of heaven along with his cohorts. I plead with you readers Lucifer now known as satan continues to tempt mankind along with his demons; don’t allow him to destroy you. When you are tempted to do anything that is against the LORD JESUS ask yourself this; “What in hell do I want or need?” And if you are not sure what the will of the LORD GOD is know this; that anything negative; anything that will bring about shame to you or those you care about is against the will of the LORD GOD. Life on earth with JESUS is rewarding; however, life with JESUS eternally is exceptional.

GOD is with me


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