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Wow, look how far we’ve fallen. GOD said that we are to have supreme authority with the power to govern and control everything on this earth with the exception of other humans. We once had the power to direct and control all that our hands and feet touched, creation once listened and understood what we spoke. We used at our disposal and pleasure all that GOD placed in our charge. We had possession of the earth and all that is created without being accountable to anyone other than our Creator. Then with one judgment decision not to speak up when the serpent had a conversation with Eve. Adam adhered to the voice of his wife to disobey the commandment of the living GOD. Adam fell and every human creation after him have been falling ever since. Adam lost his dominion over the earth and everything in the earth. Now mankind has a warped sense of dominion because we are hard-wired to have dominance but it’s displaced. Instead of us having dominion over the earth the earth has dominion over us. From the ground grows money and toxins that causes mankind to become greedy for more and inebriated. Vegetation does not grow without our putting in toil and though we may do all the right things to gain a wonderful crop for harvesting, disaster can occur. The plant life that was planted for our nutritional consumption maybe attacked by some sort of plagues, such as insect infestation, or the weather conditions may be harsh from heat, not enough rain or freezing conditions. All animals, be they for food, wild or tamed they are afraid of us as we are afraid of them. Some people run from creeping animals and despise like myself rodents and flying insects.

We are made in the very image of our Creator we have the same likeness as HE is, not in physical likeness but spirit. We once had HIS personality and moral likeness now we are born with a spirit that is dormant so we are dominated by our soul instead of our spirit. As early as a two-year-old toddler our actions of sin begin to manifest. And as we grow older and more disobedient from our heart we become more vile and wicked. Some in thought only and some in thought and action. We were created to put everything except people under our power because we have domination.

Though we are a fallen creation, our Creator has never lost sight or love for us. We are on his mind each day and though we were created just a little lower than the angels it’s because we are formed from the earth and we are limited to think a thought and be here or there just from thinking it. However, instead of worshipping the angels as some do we are the ones who put the angels to work when we speak the Word of GOD and make a request from heaven the angels that have charge over our life begin to work. Bringing the request to fruition. Though we are mortals our Creator watch over us with great care. We are actually crowned with GOD’s glory. Thank YOU, FATHER, for sending JESUS to mankind. Because JESUS has all supremacy HE showed us how to dominate through HIM. JESUS left nothing out of our control but we don’t realize this and there are somethings that we as yet don’t see that we have domination over. As JESUS is so are we, JESUS has dominion over everything and we must realize that we too in CHRIST JESUS have dominion through HIM.

Genesis 1:26, 28, Psalms 8:6, Heb. 2:8


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