Many people don’t like to read their bibles because they just don’t understand what is being said. And there is a reason for this.

  1. You need to have the Spirit of GOD living on the inside of you to comprehend because the bible is a spirit led book, not a natural knowledge book. And what’s in there speaks to our spirit and if our spirit is dead there will be no communication.
  2. The laws.
  3. Not understanding the definition of the words that is being read.

When my children were young I would instill in them to not only be able to speak the words that they see on the page but to know the definition behind each word. That’s when you know that you can read, and my son took me literally because he began reading the dictionary. When I began studying the bible so many years ago I never studied with just a bible and called it bible study. I came with bible, dictionary, and concordance. I would highlight a scripture that spoke to me, look up a word that I did not understand or wanted to know what it possibly meant in the context of the writing. In this fashion, I noticed that not only because I was asking the Holy Spirit to help guide me but because I was not studying the scriptures like most people, I had deeper revelation into the mind of GOD than most people.

Where does our faith lie? Is it in human nature, possessions, nature, employment or whatever? A just person is also known as a righteous person will have a holy heart and will observe and put into practice as a way of life the commands of JESUS.

We understand that human nature is fickle we are unreliable because sometimes our emotions get the better of us. Possessions tarnish, dry rot, become too small or too large, get stolen or lost, damaged. Nature is controlled by GOD but when it’s destructive and take the lives of people that’s the hand of the enemy at play. And then we are quick to blame GOD and call it HIS act when in truth it was an act of god just not the Most High GOD. Employment, we can’t truly say that those of us who are employed will have employment today or tomorrow it’s what we hope but placing our trust in that is crazy. It’s the same with all other escapes that we like and love so very much to rely on. But there is no one who will and is more faithful than JESUS because though our flesh requires food our spirit requires the food that only HE can give more. HE speaks to us but we are too busy and surrounded by too much noise to listen.

Today is a good day to ask yourself and be serious, what am I ready and willing to walk away from and never turn back to for JESUS? JESUS died for us so what are you willing to let go of that will feel like it’s killing you so that you will live in CHRIST JESUS?

For me, it was the perception of people towards me.

Habakkuk 2:4; Matthew 4:4; Philippians 1:21


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