Healing – Jeremiah 33:6

I will bring health and healing; I will heal and reveal the abundance of peace and truth. (Paraphrased by Elder Shawn)

GOD promises restoration; it’s going to happen. GOD has said, “I’m going to do it. The desolate is going to be filled with voices of joy”. What good is being healed if we don’t have peace? How can we obtain peace if we don’t know the truth? The LORD GOD does everything abundantly above all that we can ever ask or think. We ask for healing but in essence GOD will heal us and give to us along with that the knowledge of knowing that we don’t have to take on sickness and disease. GOD will show us that sickness and disease is a curse and that we are already healed but we must take it; own it; speak it and live it. But, you maybe saying; yeah, but how about CHRISTians who confess that they are healed and yet they are bound to a wheelchair; or blind; or deaf; or have cancer? All of what is being observed is true and honestly I don’t have the answer. That definitely is a question that must be answered by the LORD GOD alone because I did not say that we are healed; HE said that we are healed and GOD is not a liar. But this is one thing I have adopted into my life regarding the plight of pain and so forth that we may go through in our flesh. The flesh is dirt and anyone that has ever played in dirt or work in dirt knows this to be true. When dirt is moistened it’s pliable; we can mold it to do anything that we desire of it. But it’s never permanent; when dirt dries it crumbles and become brittle; some dirt will even lose its fertilization components. Also, I remember that the ground is cursed by GOD. So what is it that I’m saying here? We the spirit man is not sick it’s our flesh and no; we don’t like the pain; I know I don’t and I’ve lived in paid for twelve years. Yet, I still believe and confess that I am who GOD said that I am. I’m healed! When I go to my doctor appointments I will tell them about the pain and after they run various test; they can’t find anything wrong with me. That confirms to me that the attack is not on my spirit man the real me the attack is on my flesh. The symptoms that I have may cause the doctors to think that everything that I have given them is pointing to this or that but their machines and scientist confirms that my blood work is perfect; my organs are perfect and there is no explanation to why I am in constant pain. Well I can tell them; it’s the Holy Blood of CHRIST JESUS that has changed the course of the generational curse that I was naturally born into. I may have the symptoms of what my natural family suffers with but I don’t have the ailment. My blood has been changed to that of JESUS. I don’t readily accept what the symptoms define; I readily accept the Word of the Living GOD. And because of this truth; I have peace, I have joy unspeakable. I don’t give into the pain; I have a job to do in the Kingdom and I must be about my FATHER’s business. (AMFB min., no pun intended) So tell me will you; whose report will you believe? Is it the symptoms that the enemy places on your flesh and all you have to do is speak those symptoms into reality? Or will you believe in what the Living GOD has said about you; HE will bring heath and healing and will reveal to you the abundance of peace and joy. By those 39 lashes that JESUS took on HIS flesh for you; HE said that each stripe held healing for the 39 major diseases, infirmities and sicknesses known and unknown to humankind. Within those 39 major causes of sickly health lies various torments too numerable to count; but GOD knows. So don’t dwell on the symptoms or the fact that your flesh has let you down. Live in the possibilities of being healed and filled with joy because of the truth that you chose to believe in.



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