Many of us are familiar with JESUS being led into the wilderness and being tempted by satan. But how many of us every really paid attention to the fact that JESUS told satan that GOD is still his LORD? When you go back to read that scripture again notice how he told him that he is to worship only his LORD GOD and that he is to serve the LORD GOD only. JESUS made that personal just as we are to make that personal to us, we are to worship and serve the LORD GOD as well instead of ourselves, possessions, people, employment or addictions.

It baffles me as to why I hear so many people using the name of JESUS as if they are saying gee whiz. Most people when they say Jesus it is this way and then there are others who say it this way JESUS. It denotes authority, knowing who JESUS is and who we are, the authority the very name of JESUS entails. Those of us who evoke the name of JESUS are the ones who give honor to the FATHER and we are a servant to our MASTER. Yet, we understand first and foremost that we are HIS son and friend. We give our FATHER and LORD the respect HE deserves.

When Saul spoke to JESUS on the Damascus road he knew who he was speaking to. You know how I know that he knew? Because I actually had JESUS speak to me once and I’m here to tell you, If HE only speaks to you once while you are in your flesh body, you will know HIS voice. Some have said that they have looked around and questioned if someone else was speaking to them if others were around. Or walked around looking for who was speaking when they thought they were alone. As for me, I knew I was alone with the exception of my mother being upstairs asleep. When HE spoke I looked around but it was not my ears that tingled as though I thought I heard something, it was in my spirit. I heard HIS voice again and I crawled out into the hallway because I was already sitting on the floor and looked out there and saw no one though I called out to my mother and received no answer. And the third time HE spoke to me, I sat there and listened to what HE had to say to me and I said yes, but I explained that I knew nothing about what HE was speaking about then HE told me that I was watching what HE told me. I laid out on the floor and began to cry because it was then and there that JESUS had told me that I was HIS evangelist. And it was then and there that the Holy Spirit anointed me and began to take me to each and every scripture in HIS Word and begin my teaching and training. So why did I share my backdrop with you? Because Saul called JESUS Lord and that is okay, because when you don’t understand who truly JESUS is you will see HIM less than GOD.

It was important when JESUS asked HIS disciples who do you say that I am? And it still is an important question today. If this question is not answered exactly correctly it will reveal who is marked by JESUS and who is still marked by satan. While we are still breathing on this earth and have a free will we should confess with our very own tongue that JESUS CHRIST is the LORD. This glory is given to HIM by the FATHER.

By nature, I love quiet with the exception and this has always been the case before I was even saved praise and worship music. Now I know why that type of music has never been too loud in my hearing it’s because it spoke to my spirit and because it glorifies JESUS. Now when I get home in heaven the noisiest place according to scripture I will be a part of the celebration. And I will not notice how loud anything is. All I will know is that JESUS is in front of me and HE is all mighty, possessing unlimited power, all powerful and HE reigns forever. I will be among everyone who will be laying prostrate giving worship to my KING.  

Matthew 4:10; Luke 6:46; Mal. 1:6; Acts 26:15; Philippians 2:11; Revelation 19:6, 11:16; Ezek. 1:24


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