Introduction to GOD

My Name Is JESUS


The All Mighty and Powerful GOD has many names, some that we may not know. One of HIS names is the Word and the Word existed in the beginning. The Word refers to CHRIST which means Anointed MESSIAH. HE is GOD’s revelation of HIMself. JESUS The Word / MESSIAH was with The FATHER, in the beginning, having an intimate relationship with HIM. The Word was then and has never been anyone but GOD. Because JESUS existed in the beginning and our insignificant minds cannot conceive what the beginning of the beginning is, who are we to question the fact that The Almighty GOD stood up and began to put on flesh so that we can relate to HIM? Who are we to question that GOD placed HIMself into the womb of a young woman and allowed HIMself to be generated as HE knitted HIMself in this womb so that HE can become relatable to the plight of humans? Who are we to question GOD / JESUS speaking to HIMself each time HE prayed to and spoke to HIS FATHER? There is so much GOD in the heavens that HIS train filled the temple [Is 6:1], meaning that even heaven is not enough to hold HIM. Though HE allowed some of HIMself to come down out of heaven to live shoulder to shoulder with HIS creation, humans. HE did not have one ounce of sinful blood coursing through HIS veins, sin was not found and could not be found in HIM. Innocent of all charges [2 Cor 5:21] HE laid down HIS life [Jhn 10:18] for me and you to live with HIM eternally.

This book of John excites me but I do not want to get ahead of myself. As stated above JESUS, The CHRIST, our MESSIAH existed before all people, all places, all things. I am always wanting to write and speak about the Word of Life because HE existed in the beginning. The Word, JESUS became flesh, HE was given the name by divine order of the FATHER. JESUS is full of grace and truth, HE lived for thirty-three years right here on this earth that HE created. Some people saw HIS glory and became disciples unlike us we see HIS glory by faith and become HIS disciples. Some people by faith will receive the spiritual knowledge of knowing that JESUS is The SON of The Living GOD and that HE is back in heaven seated at the right hand of The FATHER. But HIS work has not come to a visible full completion. JESUS is praying for all of us who belong to the FATHER and HE is also our Advocate because we need one. We still make stupid choices because we do not realize that we are free from all sin. We no longer need to live selfish lives, prideful lives, homosexual lives, addictive lives, lives of earthly law crimes, or lives of heavenly crimes against GOD. We are free and in the knowledge of this liberty we will make mistakes that will be done by mistake that are sinful but because we are no longer bound by the law we have no reason to ask for forgiveness because we know that we are forgiven. Yet, we will acknowledge what we have done and say Thank YOU FATHER in JESUS for forgiving me for what I said or did.

It is a wonderful thing to know just who our spiritual family members are intimate. No one can tell us all that JESUS did because we know this firsthand. No one can tell us who we are to JESUS because we know this first hand. And no one can tell us what JESUS is doing now on our behalf because this too we know first hand. What we do know is that we all need to be encouraged as well as reminded of what the Word has covered regarding things that we face in this earthly life. JESUS wore a robe that is covered in HIS precious blood. JESUS Is The Word of GOD.

JESUS prayed constantly but not all of JESUS’s prayers have been recorded this is because JESUS often went away somewhere by HIMself to be alone with the FATHER. One of the prayers that HE prayed was recorded and if we knew better we would pray this same prayer for ourselves as well. “FATHER, give me glory in YOUR presence now”. We can have this but notice that JESUS prayer did not end there and though JESUS knew us before we were knitted together in our mother’s womb, I do not know if I would be comfortable writing that we too should pray for the continuation of what JESUS prayed. And since the Holy Spirit has not corrected me it is safe to write that I was correct. Here is what JESUS further said, “the same glory that I had when I was with YOU in the beginning [before the world was made]”. Eternal Life was with the FATHER and HE was and is still, being made known to us.

JESUS the SON of the Living GOD came into this world to give to us the understanding of the true GOD. To live in union with the true GOD our FATHER our CREATOR. To be in union with the SON, JESUS The CHRIST. This is eternal life with the True GOD, the True Word, the True CHRIST, the True MESSIAH.

John 1:1

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