Matthew 13

Who is your sower? First and foremost JESUS then the local Pastor in the community or someone whom the LORD GOD uses in our life to minister GOD’s salvation of grace, love and mercy to us either by words or character.

What is the seed? The Word of the LORD GOD.

Where is the wayside? All around you, it never gets to you just around you.

Where is the stoney place? The heart that is not being affected by the Word of the LORD GOD.

What is good ground? The heart that is compassionate, forgiving, gently, kind, loving, merciful and repentant; in other word the person who has applied the Word of the LORD GOD to their hearts and will obey what the Word instructs. Who we are and how we are to be.

How does the enemy get us to act nutty just after we left church. Very easy, we sit in service and hear the Word of the LORD GOD but we don’t understand what is either being preached or taught. So what drops on our heart does not enter; this is when we come out of service and say the preacher really spoke a great message today; all we got from this was the emotionalism of the message then a wrench is thrown into our life and we forget what we heard and begin to react to the situation on our own. The next type of person that can have the Word snatched from them is one who heard the Word of the LORD GOD but may not believe that this Word is applicable to themselves and think about who should be in church to have heard this message. Another example is accepting the Word that was heard and you are feeling good and ready to face family and friends. Then you go food shopping after service and the lines are long and you are listening to all the foolish talk; the lines are moving very slow and you lose that good feeling that you once had and you begin to sigh or get irritable. Now the person who has heard that same Word who has allowed the instruction to enter deep into their heart will exhibit the Word in their lives. A heart filled with compassion, forgiveness, gentleness, kindness, love, mercy; a repentant heart. This is the person who has accepted and knows who they are and understand the benefits of being the child of the living GOD and will not allow daily sinful life to upset their day. This is the person who knows how to stand against the enemy because the LORD GOD will fight their battles. This is the person who understands that there are many people who are blinded to the truth of the Word of the LORD GOD and are being manipulated to do evil because they don’t know any better and remember that there was a time when they too were blinded and deaf to the ways of the living GOD. So out of character; it is this persons desire to win the lost by how they treat people and how they speak to people. The children of the living GOD; we are the wheat and those who have not chosen to be on the LORD’s side are the tares/weeds. The farmer told the workers to allow the wheat and weeds grow together and at harvest time they will then be separated and one will be burned and the other kept safe. CHRISTians and non-believers live together and there will be a time when GOD will separate all of HIS children from those who do not believe and they will be burned in the lake of everlasting fire while the children of the living GOD will be at rest.

A mustard seed is the smallest seed yet from this tiny seed produces a huge tree (see picture).

What is leaven? Today we call it yeast and yeast is what expands and ferments dough for transformation. This is what happens to believers of CHRIST JESUS; we begin to grow in the Word of GOD; we are stretched beyond the limits and able to do things that we never thought was possible. We are fermented or in other words changed by the Word of the living GOD to become whom is desired.  We need to come to an understanding about the mother of JESUS, before she conceived her baby she had never had sex. During the pregnancy she had never had sex. But after JESUS was born she did have sex with her husband and birthed boys and girls; this is how JESUS got those brothers and sisters. So we need to stop referring to Mary as the Virgin Mary she did not have a sexless marriage with Joseph and she did not leave this earth a virgin. However, this does not mean that she is no longer the Blessed Mother among mothers; she is still all that GOD said she is. But she is not a deity; we are not to worship her or pray to her. She is not our SAVIOR her Son is. Mary had need of HIS salvation just as we do and she received it just as some of did. Ever wonder why JESUS could not do the great works that HE could everywhere else but in HIS own community? It’s very simple; people who know you intimately are the ones who are harder to reach. They have seen you intimately or they know your family intimately. See the accusation was not about JESUS and HIS character but about HIS family. They were actually saying that JESUS is nothing more than the son of a carpenter with little means. So how is it possible that we are to listen to HIM and from where did HE learn these things because we can go to the source? This is just how our friends and family see us. They know us intimately, they have seen us and they have heard us. It takes family and friends far longer to see that we are the real deal than it does a stranger. Because the stranger does not see us trip but family and friends will and then they are ready to point the finger and say “you supposed to be a CHRISTian”. We are going to make mistakes in our walk with the LORD GOD but our mistakes does not take away the fact that we are children of the LORD GOD and that we are saved by HIS grace.


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