The LORD GOD loves a cheerful giver

2 Corinthians 9

We as people in general have many great expectations to do something; anything to help others who are in need. But as we procrastinate in the doing of what it is we had gotten so very excited about; our zeal begins to decline. People are emotional and that’s what drives us; if we are energized and excited about doing something but don’t begin to do that thing we want to do quickly; we lose interest in that project. In this chapter of 2 Corinthians Apostle Paul realized this and sent some helpers to shake the people up again in their desire to give. It’s not that we don’t want to be a great help to anyone in need; it’s just that the longer we have to wait to organize a project people tend to turn cold because our emotions are not charged up any longer. This is why we have cheerleaders at sport events; to charge the home team and sport fans for that team up; to encourage the players as well as the sport fans for that team. We need motivators in everything we do; sometimes even the one, who has the gift of motivation; who has that pepper needs to be motivated. This is why we can’t sit on what it is that we desire to do for those who are in great need in the household of faith. In my last blog I wrote that we must help those who are in our homes where we worship first before going outside to help others. This remains true with me today. In our homes where we worship no one at all should be lacking; we must gain that heart to share what we have with our brothers and sister who are in the household of faith; so that when they are in a position to begin to give; they too will be a cheerful giver. Before you know it we can begin to reach out to the neighborhoods helping our brothers and sisters in the faith of JESUS CHRIST then the community but it’s important that when we reach outward that the first accomplishment is that those who come and are in need are washed clean in the blood of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. This should always be our first endeavor of giving. Non-believers are in great need but they just don’t know it; so when they come share first your personal testimony and who JESUS is and what HE desires for that person. We are to feed the hungry but find out if they are hungry spiritually also. That person will not know that they are hungry but you should. We must feed the spirit and the body; clothe; educate and help find employment as we reach out to help. It is important to help; to give and giving does not always involve money. This is a sore spot in a lot of the believers because each time the word help comes into play; money is involved. We need to see what the needs of the people are and be a provision to that and only that need until our brothers and sisters are able to sustain themselves and join us in helping others. There are so many gifts and talents sitting in the pews and not being utilized. Also, keep this in mind; no one is commanded to help anyone; it’s just a gesture and test of our love towards our LORD GOD because if we love HIM as we say we love HIM than we should show our true love for one another. This is praise worthy. Don’t listen to your mind or your emotion as to what you can offer to help others. When we do this we will not mean what we say when the time comes for us to shell out what we said we were going to do. Instead; listen to your heart. The Holy Spirit knows what you are capable of doing and you will be rewarded regardless of what you do from the heart and not grudgingly from your emotion because you feel compelled to do a thing. If you do give little you will be rewarded little and if we do give largely we will be rewarded largely. It does not really matter; just know that the LORD GOD will reward us for what we have done in our action of love for others. The LORD GOD will reward us for what we purpose in our heart not what we purpose because of stress do to our emotional outbreak  if we don’t. Heck, little to HIM is not what we consider little; so don’t stand or sit there thinking; that the LORD GOD will just give us some little trinket as a reward. Know that when HE gives it’s always over and above anything that we could ever imagine. The LORD GOD loves a cheerful giver and believe when I write; all your needs will be taken care of by HIM. You will not lack for anything. Be generous at all times; expecting nothing but knowing that the LORD GOD sees what you are doing in your heart and that HE will reward you accordingly. Besides, all that we have to give the LORD GOD was the one who supplied that to us anyway. You are employed because HE told the hiring agent to hire you. The result is that you have a steady income; you have a place to live; you can eat well and you have clothes. Then comes the over indulgence and there is nothing wrong with that; it’s perfectly okay to live in comfort and to have nice things. It’s just not okay to live beyond our means to the point that we have gotten ourselves in debt. With our greediness we could have feed another family; clothed another family and so on-get it? Maybe if you are in debt and as you begin to purpose in your heart that you are determined to help another brother or sister in the household of faith where you worship; if there is anyone. Take what you have; and name what type of seed it is that you are planting. Pray to our FATHER that HIS reward to you; be that the seed you are planting will eradicate your debt. At harvest time you will see that you are debt free. We miss our blessing because we don’t ever name our seed; we just throw it out there then we don’t recognize whose harvest or what your harvest is. This is the place where people don’t have much faith in the LORD JESUS because they say they have prayed and nothing happened. No, you are not direct and you are not watching for your harvest as a farmer cultivates and watches for his. HE can do it; HE will do it. So get ready to welcome an unexpected love and tenderness from those you help. I’m writing to let you know that what you will be doing is more than you think; this will cause others to understand the love that the LORD JESUS has for us. People will see JESUS in us and begin to thank HIM because of you. In our offering of help to others we prove that we truly glorify the one true and living GOD. We are fulfilling what the LORD JESUS desires for us to do with our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate than we are. This will cause those who we’ve helped to pray for us because they will have developed a strong affection towards you; they recognize the grace of the living GOD in you. And in turn; you will begin to thank the LORD GOD for HIS incredible gift.

GOD's will

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