From the beginning of human disagreements, there has been someone who has been caught in the middle. And that is exactly what the root word mediate word is defined as, middle. And then you have the person who tries to bring about peace who is placed in the middle who has become the mediator. This is nothing new and as humans, we all have this hard-wired within us. Adam and Eve had to mediate disagreements between their two sons before the other killed him. And mediation has become a high paying profession now that corporations and failing marriages seek them out.

But we have a far better Mediator who never loses a case when HE goes before the JUDGE to speak on our behalf.

The Word is true and JESUS has confirmed that there is only One true and living GOD. And after the crucifixion, there is only One Mediator who is between mankind and the Living GOD. That person is CHRIST the Anointed One JESUS. CHRIST JESUS does not just mediate for only one person, HE speaks up for each and every one of the blood washed, born again believers who have received and believe in HIM. Why is it necessary that HE do this or when does HE do this? As believers, we are still learning to live righteously so we still make mistakes that are not pleasing to the living GOD. We still have habits and let’s admit it some of us still are in love with and don’t want to let loose of. And we may be going through guilty thoughts from those things that are, noisome pestilence, demons speaking and we are listening to those condemning thoughts. But JESUS is telling GOD that you are HIS and GOD looks at us and all HE sees is the blood and proclaim not guilty.

JESUS is the Mediator of the new covenant which we know better as the New Testament. This was completed by HIS death on the cross for the redemption of us from the old covenant better known as the Old Testament. Through JESUS we have, we are able to enjoy now a more excellent ministry in HIM. JESUS is the Mediator of this wonderful covenant that we are the partakers of. Because they have been established on HIS most holy promises. JESUS covenant unites us with FATHER GOD this is what HE shows GOD when HE mediates our case that we have HIS blood on us which speaks mercy. JESUS oath has greater strength and force, JESUS is a guarantee of our more excellent and advantageous agreement. And most importantly, no matter how many so-called Christ or Jesus pop up, no matter how many so-called bibles are written or promises are given. No one or thing will be able to annul or replace this oath that has been made. The letter of the law kills, the Ten Commandments kills, those six hundred-thirteen laws kill that are written in the Old Testament. They will reveal our sin and rebellion, they are demanding they will never show us how to live righteously. They just demand obedience and they will kill us. The covenant of the law was written on stone and led to death because of sin. But the Spirit gives us life and comes with such glory and splendor that only the Holy Spirit can give to us. This is why we should want to be Spirit-filled.

1 Timothy 2:5; Gal. 3:20; Heb. 9:15; Hebrews 8:6, 12:24; 7:22; 2 Cor. 3:6-8


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