We are Conquerors in and through CHRIST JESUS


Humanly speaking we are weak. This is why it is a requirement that we have the Holy Spirit of GOD through CHRIST JESUS living and operating within us. He is the One who gives us power and strength to do the impossible and to say that which needs to be said. The Holy Spirit is our helper. When we speak without the help of the Holy Spirit, we say ridiculous things like “all that the LORD has spoken we will do; Ex. 19:8” or “we are able, or we can; Mt. 20:22”. We are not able or can do anything without the help of the Holy Spirit. What we are able and can do is manufacture a mess somewhere down the road of life for either ourselves, others or both. We love to say, “GOD knows my heart” and though this is very true the problem is that we don’t know our own heart. Our heart is manipulative and wicked. And it is proven by the thoughts that we have and the actions that correspond to our thoughts. GOD is the ONE who knows the mind of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is the One who intercedes on our behalf. When we pray, we should pray through the Holy Spirit because HE never repeats Himself or says things that should not be said. We are always saying ridiculous things in prayer because I hear what people say in group prayers. For example, it is clear that some of us do not know the will of GOD because we will say “if it is your will” first of all we should know from the scriptures GOD’s will and when we know HIS will then we will not say that. But what we can acknowledge that we don’t want to do or say something that GOD has directed us to say or do because we are uncomfortable about that. Then it’s okay to say, “let you will be done”. Are you secure in the knowledge that GOD the FATHER loves you? If so great because HE actually does and everything going on in our life is or will work out for our good because we too love GOD, the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS who is our LORD and Savior or just our Savior. Why did I write it that way? Because in all honesty, we will receive CHRIST JESUS as our Savior long before we will receive HIM as our LORD which means we have surrendered and given HIM complete and total control over us. Admittingly, we know that GOD has saved us and has called us to be HIS own holy people. Not because we were all that great or because of what we were doing or are doing thinking that this will get us into heaven. It is only by HIS grace, love, and mercy towards us that HE did what HE did for our salvation. Before the world was created and began GOD had purposed that CHRIST JESUS will show us GOD’s kindness and mercy. GOD had already chosen HIS people and appointed them by separating us so that we will be formed in the very likeness of HIS SON. We are the approved and the called and HIS congregation swells daily, we have been justified in CHRIST JESUS and because of what CHRIST JESUS has done and in our receipt of HIM through believing in HIM we are glorified. Stop looking at ourselves as being black, brown, red, white or yellow this is not who we are, this is not our race. Our race is that we are a holy nation and a royal priesthood. We have been chosen by GOD we are HIS generation, we are HIS special people because we belong to HIM. So, now that we are aware of this fact, we should be able through HIM to proclaim to everyone orally or in our lifestyle the wonderful actions of our GOD. Share with people through your testimony how you were saved and taken out of the darkness and placed in the marvelous light of CHRIST. And those who are in the light of CHRIST find it necessary to bless those who do and say evil things about them, it’s a strange yet marvelous way that we show that we belong to CHRIST JESUS we share in the blessings of GOD to others because we know that we are blessed to be a blessing. Nothing can separate us from GOD’s everlasting love through CHRIST JESUS. Don’t you know that GOD is for us so why worry about those who are against us? We should know that we have been made righteous through CHRIST JESUS and not by obeying the law of which we never did anyway. The foundation of our faith is solely in CHRIST JESUS not the Ten Commandments or the Laws of Moses. The LORD our GOD is with us! And because the FATHER handed HIS only begotten SON over to death for us don’t, we know that HE will not withhold anything from us? It was because of our sins that JESUS chose to die for us but HE did not remain dead, we don’t have a dead Savior, JESUS is very much alive and because HE lives we have received GOD’s approval. It does not matter that we are being accused by our past life without CHRIST JESUS, know that because of the washing of the blood we are not guilty because GOD HIMself said so. So, let the ignorance of others try to condemn us, don’t allow that to bother you, CHRIST JESUS is alive sitting at the right hand of the FATHER interceding on our behalf. That’s right, CHRIST JESUS is sitting on the right-hand side of the FATHER because HE has the position of honor. CHRIST JESUS is not slack in doing the impossible for us and that is to save us from our worst self, only believe in HIM and until the day of HIS return when HE will gather all of us who belong to HIM, HE will be in the position of praying for us all.

We are so loved that we have been given complete and total victory, yes, we are conquerors through CHRIST JESUS. To all of my siblings in CHRIST JESUS you are dearly beloved and because of this nothing in heaven, on earth nor beneath the earth which is hell can separate us from the love given to us by GOD through HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. Take a look at what is said so that we will have a complete understanding that we can’t be separated from GOD’s love.

  • Death nor life
  • Heavenly angels nor evicted angels who are known as demons that rule the airwaves with the power that we give to them
  • The present, past nor future
  • The world above (heaven) nor the world below (hell)
  • Nothing that has been created because it is a mere creation

None of those things can or will be able to separate us from the love of GOD our FATHER and HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS unless we allow them to. Get it, got it, good.

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