Wow, what timing. Here we are when America is angry with its leadership and pseudo-Christians who are Bishops or whatever their clerical title may be have been recorded showing themselves to be out of step with JESUS. Pseudo-Christians are writing and audio recording as well as being videoed completely misrepresenting the forgiveness, grace, love and mercy in which JESUS is and who the true believer in CHRIST JESUS must be.

In my role as a leader, I come in contact with thousands on a daily basis and I don’t like what I hear and see. I am a human, I have emotions and I have opinions but my opinions and my emotions are just that mines. It is not my destiny to enforce my emotions on anyone and it is not my destiny to enforce my opinions on anyone. We can share our opinions but we must be ready for people not to agree with them and not become irritable or hurt by them. As a minister of the gospel, I go at it knowing that everyone has a right to go to hell if they reject what I have to say or write that is their privilege I don’t get angry and I don’t get hurt. I tried by introducing them to the Way, the Truth and the Life who is CHRIST JESUS the only way to the FATHER. Many of us do not agree with what is coming from the White House and we are upset and many people who are calling themselves Christians are saying some things that are revealing their heart. Every single Christian in America does not have to agree with the exact same politics and just because the politics one side believes is correct does not make it so. However, I do agree that America is about to face some tough times and it has already begun, we just have not felt the pressure as yet. But beloved true blood washed, born again children of the highest LORD GOD who is our heavenly FATHER through CHRIST JESUS our Savior, know this. We are to be diligent and not forget HIS teachings, stay in the Word of GOD, live according to HIS Word only and stop listening to and remarking on everything that is heard in the media. Repeat and repeat what CHRIST JESUS has given to us.

My beloved brothers and sisters in the LORD JESUS let us not forget that we are to always remain continually in the state of showing mercy to all people. I don’t care what they say or do be merciful as JESUS our LORD gives us mercy full not lacking if we completely love HIM and keep HIS Word.

We ourselves are not perfect people but we are growing and learning in JESUS day by day. When we think about how patient JESUS is with our nonsense why shouldn’t we be patient with others? JESUS shows us such abundant mercy and HE has forever forgiven us of our sins. None of us were born when HE was crucified on that cross and yet HE forgave us. We received that forgiveness once we realized it and now we don’t show mercy towards others for anything they say or do that we don’t like. That spirit of unforgiveness needs to be given over to JESUS so that we can begin to live in the freedom to show mercy to the evilest person that we believe exist.

Every day is a day to thank our FATHER for HIS goodness. We need HIS mercy more these days were foretold to us in HIS Word so why are we so distraught. What is going on in the world is no concern to us because we are not from here, this is not our home. Pray for these people and give thanks for the everlasting mercy that we have.

Some of us have sat down and laid down believing that the waters will never roar again, that the tide will never rise above its level again. And now that the current is shifting we are disturbed, why did you believe that all was well because the sun was shining, the weather was warm, prosperity was to be had? Don’t you recall how countries experienced a few years of prosperity their animals grew fat then quickly famine came and everything dried up? Where are the Joseph’s of today? The LORD requires all of HIS people to be impartial toward all people, this is a requirement. If you can’t be impartial in your heart where JESUS lives you may want to check your heart. What are your motives like, what are we saying, what are we doing, how are we loving, are we forgiving, are we merciful? This is how we walk humbly with our GOD. This is how we show the world that we are not like them. When the FATHER and JESUS live in our heart it’s because HE knows us. HIS commandment for us is that we teach our household the way of our LORD and Savior which is righteousness and justice.

Is this what keeps so many people who say that they are Christians from the throne room of the highest GOD? Is this why they don’t have the boldness to enter in? I think so if this has pierced you in any way I urge you to get it correct because I don’t want you to be my pseudo-brother and sister but I desire that you be the real thing. So that you like me can enter into the throne room of our heavenly FATHER to obtain the mercy and grace that we so desperately need to feed on.

Exodus 20:6; Numbers 14:18; 1 Chronicles 16:34; Ps. 107:1; Micah 6:8; Gen.18:19; Hebrews 4:16


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