I am a child of GOD because HE loves me – 1 John 3

We all use various cutesy names to describe the one or ones we love. We get that from GOD; HE calls HIS only begotten SON; beloved. And The Most High GOD and JESUS call those of us who are engrafted into them beloved. We are called this because GOD so loves us; we are called this because JESUS died for us; we are called this because our receiving the gift of salvation and believing on JESUS made us become GOD’s child. The FATHER does not have grandchildren; HE only has children. Each time The FATHER and JESUS look at us they see their beloved because we are so very dear to their heart and the love that they have for us is great. I look forward to that day when I will be able to see JESUS for all that HE is and I rest in the knowledge that I will be as HE is. Now, what I’m talking about is sight wise only because already I am as HE is in heaven. JESUS is pure and because I remind myself daily of whom JESUS is and who I am; I am being purified in that knowledge. JESUS came to this world to take away our sins because in HIM there is no sin at all. Understand; that JESUS did what was natural for HIM to do; HE spoke what HIS FATHER had HIM to speak. And likewise we are no different in principle. We too do what is natural to us and we speak what our father has us to say. Then comes the day when we make the most important decision of our lives; this is not about getting married, having kids, the purchase of a home or car. This is about taking a gift that was purchased for you over two thousand years ago. That gift is the gift of the life of CHRIST JESUS; the gift of salvation from sin and the gift of eternal life with The FATHER and CHRIST JESUS. After taking the gift we then have to practice righteousness. This is correct; righteousness is not normal to us unrighteousness is; self righteousness is. The true righteousness which comes from CHRIST JESUS is perfect righteousness and we get that from reading and putting into practice what we read. We get perfect righteousness from listening to the Holy Spirit and doing what HE instructs us to say and do. JESUS destroyed the works of the devil; the devil does not have any power over the children of the Living GOD. The only power that the devil has is ignorance. When we don’t believe in the Word of GOD and follow our own understanding or what we know or what feels good to us; the devil wins. It’s our ignorance of who, what and where he is that gives him power. Who he is; is a fallen angel who has a sentence of being in the pit of fire throughout all eternity. What he is; is defeated by JESUS and he no longer has dominion. Where he is; is beneath your feet; or at least that is where he should be. What does it mean to be born-again? It means that we were once born with the seed of the enemy; the Adamic curse was on us. Our true father was satin. To be born again is to be born of GOD; to be born sinless because the seed that GOD planted within us remains and we cannot sin. I prefer the original Greek version; No one who has GOD as his FATHER keeps on sinning, because the seed planted by GOD remains in him. That is, he cannot continue sinning, because he has GOD as his FATHER. Either we are going to believe The Most High GOD or we are going to believe the devil; our own understanding or our emotions. Which will it be? As a child of GOD; we are known by our character and integrity. We practice righteousness and yes; we will make mistakes but don’t become condemned by them. Just get up and brush yourself off; let the FATHER know that you realize you messed up and thank HIM for forgiving you. And it’s important to love your brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS. Know the love of JESUS; know what HE has done for you and you should be willing to do no less for your brothers and sisters. Know that JESUS laid down HIS life for you when you were not worth dying for. You may still be questionable; but that does not matter to JESUS; HE loves you; HE knows how to move obstacles out of your way; HE knows how to hide you from the enemy. GOD knows who you are; get to know that person; stop dwelling on the negative you and concentrate on the you that GOD sees. Love yourself; love others not because of what they say or do but because you are loved by CHRIST JESUS. Show your love by your actions; talk is cheap. Anyone and everyone can say I love you; but anyone and everyone do not show love. Prove that you are a child of the Living GOD. Now to digress a wee bit; you know how when we do or say something that we know is wrong and our conscience bothers us? That is until we have done it so much that we have grown numb. When we are born again and we do or say anything that is wrong our conscience/heart begins to nag at us. This GOD’s way to let you know that you are wrong; because your heart is condemning you. This is the time when you must make it right with the person or place that you offended. GOD is so much greater than our heart; so if your heart does not bother you when you say or do something that you may not be sure about; know that a calm heart is a peaceful heart that is confident in GOD. Ask your DADDY and know that when you ask HIM that HE will give you. Don’t allow the enemy to trick you because you did not get what you asked for in the time frame that you wanted it. Or it did not come the way you thought that you would have gotten it. GOD will give you what you have asked for when you are ready to receive. You may think that you are ready to receive but GOD knows when you are ready to receive. Keep HIS commandments; which are to love your brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS and to believe in the name of HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST. Do what is pleasing to HIM; that will bring HIM glory.

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