Mercy – Psalm 13:5

But I have trusted in YOUR mercy; my heart shall rejoice in YOUR salvation.

Just how much do you trust in the Living GOD? Where does your confidence go when you are experiencing ultimate stress? Oh, it’s easy to shout that you trust in JESUS when everything is going just fine in your life. But let’s get real about this thing. I’m reminded about a conversation Peter had with JESUS when he boasted about how he would not fall away; how he is ready to go to prison and or die for JESUS. These references can be found in Matt. 26:33; Lk. 22:33 and Jhn. 13:37. See King David had to face reality; his faith began to shake; rattle and roll; hey it happens. After all believers are putting all their eggs in one basket; none of us have seen JESUS, touched JESUS or even smelled JESUS; however, we have heard HIS voice and none of us questioned the authenticity of who was speaking to us. Peter on the other hand saw, smelled, ate, slept, travelled and spoke with JESUS. Peter had even witnessed the healings and deliverances that JESUS had done; so what was his problem? By human nature we are self perseveres. When we are stranded and we have nothing to eat yet we are in the company of another; not only will we consider eating the other person; we will do it or be eaten. Those who starve for food and water on a daily basis have eaten their own dung and drank their own urine we have found records of that in the bible also. So be careful about your boasting; it would be better that you say that you hope that you can continue to trust in the Living GOD when you don’t see away out of situations. None of us really know just what we will do until we have to face that moment. But if and when you are pressed on every side remember how the Living GOD got you out of situations before. And I’m not talking about when you have experienced that you missed a sale at a department store or when you had to miss one meal or go without food for an entire day. That’s trivial; I’m sure it’s stressful to lose your home and you literally have nowhere to go because your so called friends don’t answer or return your phone call; your family disconnect from you as if you are a complete stranger; you lose a child and or spouse and I mean all this happens on the same day or week or month. None of these things have happened to me but I have heard some stories and I just don’t know what I would have done. All I can say is that I hope that I remember the LORD my GOD and all that HE has done for me before and what HE is capable of doing for me and what I believe HE will do for me. When I have been discouraged and when I’m discouraged I must look towards the mercy of my Living GOD. The mercy of GOD that I must trust in and look towards is not the mercy of HIS justice, HIS commandments or even HIS holiness. Those things could condemn me because those things could be based on the emotions of how I perceive GOD versus who HE truly is. So much like my predecessor his Royal Highness King David; I will just trust in GOD’s everlasting mercy.


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