Are you a Christian or are you a CHRISTian?

One is a disappointment and deceiver. The other lives to obey JESUS no matter the cost. One plays the fool and does not know it. The other walks in wisdom. Have your attention? Good.

What is the difference between the Christian and the CHRISTian? The Blood, citizenship, and nationality. Take a look at this example, I’m an American by birth, I was born in America, I’m a native of America, I’m a citizen of America and my DNA tells everyone who my father, mother, and heritage is. As an American, I can be denied nothing that Americans have a right to. My allegiance is to America, the flag and the freedom that America stands for. I am a CHRISTian first and foremost by birth in CHRIST JESUS, I was born in heaven, I’m a native of heaven, I’m a citizen of heaven and my DNA tells GOD, my heavenly FATHER that the Blood of JESUS flows on and in me and that my heritage is in JESUS. As a child the daughter of my heavenly FATHER I can be denied nothing that is afforded HIS children. My allegiance is to my KING of kings and my LORD of lords, and the blood-stained banner. A Christian is a Pharisee or a Sadducee they are legalistic knowing the law but not the entire Word of GOD. They know that GOD is merciful and that HE forgives but they themselves are not merciful nor are they very forgiving. Christians are very religious people they can be very capable of attending weekly worship service but will stay home listening to gospel music or TV evangelism and to them, that is their fix. Or they will only attend service when one of the following occur, weddings, funerals, baptisms, Easter, Mother’s day, maybe Father’s day, and possibly CHRISTmas.

There are seeds that we all Christians or CHRISTians have the ability to plant and reap a harvest. A harvest is a harvest be it a bountiful bumper crop of luscious goodness from the LORD or a bumper crop of weeds. Whatever your harvest is, it’s what you have sown yourself. Here are some great examples of how Christians think they are mocking GOD but what they are really doing is being a fool.

The Christian

Will work a full week, maybe play on Saturday but will not attend worship service on Sunday. May provide an excuse that hypocrites are in church but never consider that hypocrite are in their place of employment. And it never stops them from going five or six days out of the week. May provide the excuse that service is too early but never consider that they wake up early to get to work.  If the schedule is that you must work on a Sunday, it’s never considered to attend the weekly bible study.

Gossip/hold grudges / mean spirited/ unforgiving/ unloving/selfish / want people to know what good deeds they have done. That’s enough for now.


Will work a full week, will attend church if possible during the weeknight and most definitely on Sunday if this is not the day they are scheduled to work. Attends bible study if schedule permits but most definitely will read and study their Word in their own personal free time, maybe listening to the Word in some type of hearing device. Has a continual prayer life.

Loving/ helpful/ merciful/ gentle/ kindly/ peaceful/ patient/ faithful/ full of joy/ willing to do good towards others/ always working on their own self-control. This is enough for now.

It’s somewhat difficult for non-believers to see a true believer in CHRIST JESUS because of the bogus Christians out there. The world is watching and the many people that say they are Christians and yet they act and speak just like the world does gives the children of darkness any hope. Make believe Christians sow seeds of destruction without knowing it believing that nothing is wrong all because they don’t know the Word of GOD. Phony Christians need to stop telling people that they are Christians but we know that this will not happen so it’s up to people like me the true CHRISTian to help in the recognition of them. Just as there is counterfeit this and that we have been counterfeited as well. But Love cannot be faked either you have true Love living within you or you don’t. I’m letting you know that whatever is sown from the heart in action is sown and nothing can keep it from being harvested. GOD will not be mocked, HE knows the true intent of all of our hearts and our motives will never be hid from HIM. So if our harvest is a harvest of weeds that is what was sown. But if our harvest is a harvest of goodness that is what was sown. GOD will only pay back each person according to the deeds of their motives.

So, which Christian, CHRISTian are you?  

Galatians 6:7; Rom. 2:6


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