Rest in GOD


Rest in GOD (Ex. 33:14) 

If we are being affected with anxiety or stress; then we are far from resting in GOD. It is impossible to rest in GOD and allow the cares of this world to affect us. GOD has asked each and everyone of HIS kids to give their cares to HIM and that HE will provide rest.

We have proven that we do not have the ability to take care of whatever has us anxious or stressed. Why not just follow the rules given to us. Ask; Seek and Knock (Matthew 7:7)

Look once we go before GOD and ask HIM for our desires and those desires must be according to scripture; then we must begin to look for the answer. We are to knock on heaven’s door until the manifestation of our answer comes. Do you remember or maybe you still do this; you go to someone and ask with persistence for what it is you want. There is no difference with GOD. Take a look at this scripture regarding the neighbors and house guest (Luke 11:5-8); again I promise you GOD is no different. I think that GOD wants us to see how much we believe that HE is the only way we will get what it is that we need. What do I mean when I say this; we may go to GOD, ask HIM for what we stand in need of and when we don’t get a response in the time frame that we feel is acceptable; we will go to other people or try to take care of it ourselves. This is an act of disbelief.

Look, we have nothing to prove; GOD does. Our part is to rest in GOD. Stop being anxious; GOD tells HIS kids not to be anxious (Philippians 4:6). When we are anxious or stressed we are walking in disobedience and fear.   

Matthew 11:28

Hebrews 4:1 – 10

1 Peter 5:7

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