For the past forty plus years but less than fifty years giving a person a name has never been given much thought. People will throw a name on a person without knowing the true meaning of that name not realizing that each time you call that individual by their name you are calling that person the blessing or the curse you’ve placed on the individual’s life. And please don’t get me started on nicknames. When we read the names of people in the bible we discover their meaning or what was happening or what they wanted to happen.

We are made in the image of GOD, we are all spirit beings. And just like our GOD whose name means something great our name should denote our character and integrity as well. In the very name of JESUS, we can find shelter where we can run into that place to find safety from the attacks from the enemy. There we cannot be overtaken or subdued unless we come out from under the protection. As long as we know that JESUS our GOD is our deliverer and our defense and security of whom or what do we fear? We need to stop believing that we can do anything in our own strength because if we could or if we can then there would never be a need for JESUS to come and die for us on the cross to save us from sin. And to deliver us from ourselves and we are not delivered just the once but on the daily. So many of us are using the shield of empty, loud and boastful words. All types of various addictions, stress and worry as the shield of protection. Well, how is that working out for you? Our stronghold and refuge are the Word of GOD who is JESUS. JESUS the CHRIST is the Savior, not you and not me, stop trying to do what can’t be done by human efforts and come to CHRIST JESUS so that HE can remove us from the violence of sin. Sin will always be around us because we live in a sinful world but we do not have to be sinners and we do not have to have sin living on the inside of us any longer. The LORD GOD can be and wants to be our strength and our power. People want this from HIM but are not willing to surrender to HIM to get it. Talk is cheap, live for HIM. JESUS is the only One who will make our way perfect.

The name of JESUS is to be worshiped not to be used as a part of profanity or as an angry outburst.  Where is the reverence due to HIS name? Don’t we know that it was the MESSIAH/JESUS who rose from on high and visited us? We are the ones who sat in darkness and we were in constant companionship of death. But HE will guide our feet if we allow HIM to do so into the straight path of peace and serenity. Those of us who do worship the name of JESUS speak to one another about HIS goodness and HE listens and hears us. It is us who reverence JESUS who will be remembered it is us who constantly think about and on JESUS that will be remembered. Our FATHER in heaven HIS name is Holy not average.

Okay, many say that they believe in GOD and that is good but I say big deal. And I say this because the Word tells me that even demons believe that, Jms. 2. Most people don’t have a problem with God because God comes in many forms, noticed how I wrote in alpha G and lower case [od] this was to let you know that for me though I know that even in the bible it’s written this way and is respectful I’m making a statement that for some this could be the case and for some not so much. Then your god would look like this. You see for me I need to know the name of God, who do you serve, the demons have a god and his name is satan even the heretics serve him. Agnostics and atheist serve a god it comes in the form of self or objects, we are hard-wired to serve God. But we must, as a matter of fact, it’s critical that we receive JESUS so that we can become children of GOD. So many believe that they are children of GOD and that is a grave error and is not supported in the Word of GOD. We are all made in the image of GOD meaning that we are spirit beings but we are not HIS children, we are the children of satan. Until we receive JESUS we will be separate from HIM. We have to believe in the name of JESUS.

I listen to how people are quick to quote what other people have said or will run to do what another’s have done. But what I can’t figure out is it because JESUS is no longer here in the flesh for our seeing that some are not quick to run and do what HE has said to do? And is it that because we don’t recognize HIS voice or believe that HE speaks today and because it does not make sense to us that we don’t quote what HE has said? Dr.’s, medication, rehab, or anything outside of JESUS does not deliver and heal. It’s only our believing and trusting in the name of JESUS that will make us strong my faith is being built in and on JESUS who is my foundation. People keep running around looking for salvation in everything and from everyone but salvation is found in JESUS, there is no name under heaven that will provide us salvation but HIM. JESUS is how we must be saved. JESUS is our advocate, defense attorney, counselor, mediator and HE is the One who speaks on our behalf to the FATHER.

The LORD GOD has not nor will HE ever exalt us as HE has HIS beloved SON, JESUS. The FATHER gave to JESUS, HIS beloved SON the name which is above every name. Nothing else with a name or un-named has been given this honor. It is in JESUS name that every knee will drop in heaven, on earth, and in hell. In heaven, we bow our knees willingly, on earth we choose to bow our knees if we have them that is and in hell, we will be made to bow them. I willingly made a choice to bow my knees at the name of JESUS. There is nothing angelic, spiritual or natural that is above the name of JESUS. And there never will be. Is. 45:23 I have sworn by MYself; the word has gone out of MY mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that to ME every knee shall bow, every tongue shall take an oath.

We are accustomed to the saying think before we speak. Well, I think that the translation has been lost over the generations. I believe that it was handed down as it was written in the Word, whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the LORD JESUS. You see if we would only take a moment to think about what we are going to say, will it please JESUS and what we are doing will it please JESUS? We will always remain in the mindset of thinking, speaking and doing in the name of JESUS. This will cause our heart to be bowed down before HIM to give thanks to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Regardless of what we put our minds, and motives to do we must do it all to the glory of the highest GOD through JESUS.

Today people have their backsides up because the truth has been spoken and taken out of context. Well, guess what, any of us who in the name of CHRIST JESUS who would rather stand for all things JESUS versus what people stand for is all right with me. I don’t have time for people who prefer to be well liked and desire to follow the crowd of popularity. For JESUS I live and for JESUS I will die so persecute me also. In HIM I am blessed not to you and the Spirit of glory and my GOD will rest on me. For those of you who want to be popular, who are religious, who are easily turned, and will deny the Word of GOD, and reject JESUS, JESUS is already blasphemed by you but for those of us who are not ashamed regardless of the cost, HE is glorified. So what you say negative things about me, stop speaking to me, drop me from bookings and remove me from your social media. Why should I care? Because if you believe that, you are only fooling yourself.  I am in great company because they did the very same thing to JESUS. So I will continue to shine my light into the darkness of sin and it is my hope that they will see my good works in JESUS name but honey child I will not push it on you because you do have a choice. And my FATHER GOD will be glorified.

So may those of us in CHRIST JESUS hold onto the name of JESUS securely and do not deny HIS faith.

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