Faith Series XII

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June 16, 2020

The door of faith opened

Acts 14:27

Many of us recognize when doors have been opened to us and some of us are still looking and not recognizing so to seize the opportunity that is there. Sometimes I think and this is only my opinion that the reason some of us do not recognize the door of faith which has been opened is that we are looking too long at those who oppose us and when doing this we allow fear in the disguise of doubt and inadequacy to creep in and discourage us.


When it comes to sharing the gospel of CHRIST JESUS the doors which are being opened to us are only opened by our LORD. And, because it is the LORD who opens those doors no one can close them but HIM. Though fear may be felt within, walk by faith and not by sight or what is being felt. Feelings are fickle, one moment you may feel happy and the next sad, one minute you may feel like going somewhere and the next you do not. 

Understand that we all must pray for the door of faith to open up for us as well as pray for others. I am always listening and watching for people to open up a door for me to come into. I wrote people because it is un-believing people who are being used un-awarely by the LORD just as they are being used un-awarely by satan the great enemy. The enemy will never open up a door of opportunity for us to speak about CHRIST JESUS, to proclaim what is being kept a mystery to the unbeliever but has been revealed to the believer. Read Revelation 3:8. 

Just because we miss the mark at times stop thinking that you are not equipped to share the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. There is nothing that we think, nothing that we are looking at, nothing that we speak, nothing that we do, and nothing that is inside of our heart that JESUS is not aware of. CHRIST JESUS is everywhere and sees everything we cannot escape from HIS presence. So stop waiting for a feeling to share the gospel of CHRIST and begin listening and looking for doors that have been opened for you to share not only your testimony but the blood of JESUS as well.

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