Most of my life, I have heard people speaking about which path to take. When playing as a child we followed a certain path in following the leader. During the hippy era which is now better known as the new age era, they follow a path of consciousness (self-awareness). And because of the many twist and turns we chose to take on the paths that took us further down the rabbit hole than we wanted to go. We are now a wee bit shy of following paths when we hear anyone speaking about following a path. The word path is not a dirty word and like anything else, it was created for good and distorted for bad. Let us discover how we were meant to be on a particular path.

King David asked the LORD JESUS to lead him in the path of righteousness. JESUS did so and because of this, we know that the King’s soul was restored with refreshment all because the LORD JESUS is the one who is leading him in the path of righteousness. JESUS did not and does not honor our request just because we ask anything of HIM. JESUS does so for HIS name alone.

So now we have discovered that righteousness is a path that we must travel on. We have heard it said throughout the generations whether you have attended church or not that narrow is the road and wide is the way of destruction. And for many years people may never get the understanding of this parable loosely said based on the scriptures if ever, but what the actual scripture that JESUS said is. “Go in through the narrow gate; for the gate that leads to destruction is wide and the road broad, and many travel it; but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Everyone will not choose that narrow gate because it’s not as appealing as that wide gate. Outside of each gate is the path (highway, road or street) in which we will decide to journey on. Some will get lost forever and some will make it out. But in the end, the choice will always have been ours. And then there will be those who have decided to visit both gates, they want to enjoy the pleasures of what is behind the wide gate and run to the safety of what is behind the narrow gate. And they will be able to get away with this only for a moment in time. And then, when they decide to return, they will find the narrow gate will have been locked and they will have been locked out and will never be allowed in again.

golden_gate   (gate)

1635237 (highway,  path, road , street)

JESUS is the way, HE told us so. JESUS is the way, the path of righteousness. We don’t lead JESUS, JESUS is the one who leads us and righteousness is within HIM not in us. But righteousness is within us only when JESUS has moved in and overtaken our heart and our spirit is alive in HIM. The course of life that we will want to live will be marked by the paths of following the prescribed rules that JESUS has given to us.

Then King David let us know that when following the paths of righteousness we find nothing but peace.

Psalms 23:3, 5:8; Proverbs 3:17


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