Where are my keys? Has anyone seen my keys? I just had my keys, I don’t know what or where I put those keys! Sound familiar? Laugh Out Loud. Growing up I used to see friends of my grandmother go through this all the time. Then when I became an adult I found people all about me with this problem and for the life of me, I could never understand why they just did not place their keys in a place they knew would be in a safe, secure, and familiar place for them. So when we are asking where my keys are, are we asking about our house, car and office keys or are we asking for the keys to life?


Do you know that when we came to JESUS that we actually walked away from the realm of the world? You may as well say no because most of us don’t get this. We are still totally depending on what we see and can feel, the things that we are so very accustomed to. You are not alone, I’m guilty as well, and it’s a daily learning process. But we are no longer citizens of this realm we are heavenly citizens, we are royalty and our DADDY is KING we are Priestly. Now we may need to study how the Royal families of the earth are to get an idea of how we are to live and move about. Our Royal blood is so much better than any Royal blood family on the earth. The Royal family of the earth know how to use their keys. When are we going to use our keys? We must use our keys family, we must unite and pull on what rightfully belong to us and stop getting hit upside the head. We must show the world that our GOD Reigns and HE is KING and we are HIS Royal family and that we are to be recognized. People no longer recognize others by word of mouth, people are looking for evidence. Our evidence is those keys that JESUS gave to us for us to use to bind/tie up whatever we need to. When we do so in faith it will be done in heaven as well but know that we can’t return and untie that thing that gave us trouble and this is what so many of us have been guilty of doing and then we think that binding did not work for us. No, tie your troubles up and keep them tied up and throw them far away from you and they will be tied up in heaven and heaven will make sure that you will never be bothered by those troubles again. But if you come back looking for that trouble or if the cousin or friend of those trouble come looking for you and you entertain them you may find yourself losing turmoil. Yes, nothing ever comes back at the same level as it left, problems will always come back hotter than when you last experienced. Now losing can be a wonderful thing as well, such as blessing the lives of others, we should daily look for people to bless. It does not have to be something huge that you must provide in monetary. We think this is something that we must do to be a blessing, how about just smiling and saying a cheerful hello, giving a calming small chat while in a line, telling someone how wonderful they look even if they don’t. Use the keys JESUS gave us, go through the bible and find what you want to activate in your life and say, I want to use this key. Because we have a key for whatever we need in the bible, JESUS gave us the key(S) not a key.


JESUS is the owner, HE has in HIS possession the keys of hell/hades this is the realm of the dead. And JESUS also has in HIS possession the keys of death. JESUS has absolute control and victory over death. But this does not mean that HE is the one who causes our loved ones to die as so many people blame HIM for with saying HE needed another angel or a flower in HIS garden. This is silly talk and it causes people to be pushed further away from GOD rather than to come closer to GOD. Fact, death is a sinful curse and it is appointed once that all men are to die. But those that die the second death are those that died not believing in JESUS. And will face hell and the lake of fire forever/eternally. Those that died believing in JESUS are not dead but asleep in JESUS and they will be awakened and will rise again to be raptured to meet HIM in the air. Just as when JESUS the man died and was buried us too will die and be buried. And just like CHRIST JESUS rose from the dead we too will rise from the dead and will never die again. Death will no longer have dominion over us as it once did. Come to think of it, for the believer in CHRIST JESUS, death only had temporary dominion over us meaning death may have thought that it was final for us but in actuality, we only went to sleep. But for the non-believer it is final.  

Matthew 16:19, Revelation 1:18, Ro. 6:9


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