When I was 10-13 years of age, I enjoyed reading the teen magazines of my day Right-On about the Jackson 5. Today people listen, look and read about the lives of celebrities and they idolize them wanting their lifestyle. Taking all of what they are saying as more important than what is being said by GOD, our parents, our spouses, our children, and employers. I found out at about age 11 that those celebrity magazines were for entertainment purposes when a telephone number to reach Michael Jackson or any of the Jackson brothers was published. I called the number and what I received was not a nice polite conversation with young, same age Michael Jackson. What I received was some silly recording. I knew then that these magazines were not to be trusted. And though I continued to give the magazines my 75 cents they lost their shine over each purchase. By the time I was 13 I had completely discontinued my purchase of Right-On and would only read or gloss over them in the stores or at someone else’s home.


GOD provided all of us with a revelation as to whom HE is in the likeness of HIS SON, JESUS. We say that we are living in the last days, but do we truly believe that we are? Well, we are because the proof is this, in these lasts days the FATHER appointed JESUS to be heir over all things and it is by JESUS that all things have been made. JESUS is the brightness of the FATHER’s glory and express image. Now here are the keys words.

  • Appoint – establish
  • Heir – take possession
  • All – end, complete, perfect
  • Bright – evident
  • Express – declare in words, engrave, represent, show/make known

JESUS no one else named or unnamed, known or unknown is or was able to uphold all things as HE did and is doing. And JESUS did so successfully by the word of HIS power. All by HIMself JESUS cleaned me and you. All by HIMself JESUS purified, separated and carried away all the toxins that we came into this world with through birth in sin. We are now free and clear of a guilty conscience and moral defilement. We are clear of being accused of our sinful past. If it helps us to understand it this way I will use this, we have had our record expunged, obliterated, destroyed, and annihilated. Then after HE had done that with great perfection CHRIST JESUS sat down because the task, the job was completed or as JESUS said finished. CHRIST JESUS took HIS rightful place next to our FATHER. And may I add, that just as we are, angels are created beings they serve at the pleasure of our LORD. Yet, it saddens me when some people take their adoration for angels too far, angels are not to be worshiped. CHRIST JESUS is so much better than any angel will ever be. And our praise and worship belong to HIM and HIM alone. The angels, they are assigned to us because they are ministering angels and we are to give them instructions as to what it is they are to do for us according to the Word of GOD. So please, let us give JESUS the respect due to HIS name. Let us love HIS name because JESUS has rightfully received the inheritance and because of this HIS name is more excellent than any name.


I was asked a few years back if I truly believed that JESUS is the SON of GOD. And without taking a breath or giving it a thought I simply said, “No, I don’t believe that JESUS is the SON of GOD. I know that JESUS is the beloved, the only begotten SON of GOD. I know that JESUS is the Living Word, the Spoken Word that became flesh”. You see, there comes a time I believe in our life when our faith is no longer a belief but we know that we know. I know what my name is, I don’t believe what my name is. This very same world that you and I reside in right now is the same world that JESUS came down off of HIS throne and lived for 33 years. Those that saw HIM with their natural eyes got to see HIS glory and some that saw HIM did not. Today is no different, we can’t see HIM in the natural because HE is sitting on HIS throne again. But we can still see HIS glory but some can’t. CHRIST JESUS is full of grace and truth.

Now I look at things differently than most people. Always have, always will, and I see this scripture this way. Because GOD our FATHER with an elevation of place, in a great degree raised HIS beloved and only begotten SON JESUS. Exalting HIM and giving to HIM a name that is above every name known and unknown, that at the very mention of the name of JESUS every knee has to bow and will bow. I must, I have and I do. Now we can willingly bow now of our own accord and choose life over death. Or you will bow in hell and the lake of fire. Every disease, illness, sickness, and curse has to bow down to the name of JESUS. When it comes from satan send it back to satan. Better yet, don’t answer his call.

Hebrews 1:1-4, Jo. 1:14; Phil. 2:9-10



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