What if, every human inhabitant of earth acknowledge that GOD is actually the creator of the world?

What is, every criminal in all the jails and penitentiaries believed and received the gift of salvation from JESUS?

What if, every unhealthy person at home, in hospitals, in rehabs, and mental institutions were instantly healed?

What if, every building on planet earth that we recognize as a place of worshipping GOD / JESUS, had a true Pentecostal experience?

Will we then believe that instead of sin looking normal and that the supernatural that is found in JESUS is actually normal?

Will we then believe that all of our human efforts cannot and will not make things better in this world?

Will we then believe that every attempt humankind put forth is impossible to solve / answer sinfulness in the lives of people?

[All things are Possible in and with JESUS]

Jer. 32:17; Matthew 19:26; Mar. 10:27; Lk. 1:37


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