Righteous – Genesis 30:33

So my righteousness will answer for me in time to come,

I know that there are times when we think and say that we can’t win for loosing. But we must understand that we must evict that type of thinking for good. We are never loosing; we are always winning. We are blood bought and washed from all the filth that sin had left on us. Even the smell of sin has been replaced with the sweet aroma of salvation given to us by CHRIST JESUS. When our heavenly FATHER looks at us all HE sees is our righteousness which is in the blood of HIS only begotten SON JESUS and HE does not look beneath the blood. Our righteousness is brought forth as light due to the holy blood of JESUS which answers for us daily. When we make a mistake and we go to the FATHER and tell HIM that we messed up; in that time HE hears the righteousness that we wear. Meaning that it’s the blood of JESUS that speaks on our behalf. Now because the FATHER does not convict or condemn us, why do we allow the enemy to convict and condemn us when we make mistakes? This is the purpose of wearing the breastplate of righteousness so that it will protect our heart from being convicted and condemned by the enemy. Don’t allow him to burden you with the negative thoughts that you have. The strength of the LORD has brought us out of the bondage of sin. In other words we no longer live a life of sin but there are times when we will sin. So what we must do is let the FATHER know what it is that we had done. We are not telling HIM this as if HE did not see or hear what we had done. It just gives us the knowledge that we are aware of where we are. Our spirit is getting stronger but our flesh is still very weak. When we realize that we are thinking negatively, immediately quote a scripture until that thought leaves our mind or read aloud the Word. Our thoughts will shut up so that it can hear what our mouth is saying. Don’t believe me? Talk aloud and see if you can hear your thoughts. The FATHER will not condemn us. As a matter of fact the closer our faith walk is in HIM, we begin to realize that what we think, look at, listen to and speak is not what brings glory to our FATHER. We realize that we have sinned and will desire to live righteous before HIM more than we had. Remember, it’s a faith walk; not a faith run. 99% of CHRISTians still struggle with the battle of the mouth so when we speak in an unpleasant way; be it gossip, profanity, lying or anything negative find scriptures for the mouth, tongue and conversation and stand on them until you have been delivered from that type of conversation. Remember, our righteousness in CHRIST JESUS will answer for us in time to come. We are all growing up in JESUS and from the beginning of our accepting JESUS into our hearts we were seen by the FATHER as righteous.

Ps. 37:6; Ex. 13:14

Righteousness – justice, righteous acts

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