Prayer Re-Assures Us

Philippians 4:6-7

Prayer has not always been a focal point of my life. I used to say to myself; “GOD knows everything, so what do I need to pray to HIM about?” I did not understand that prayer helps to form an intimate relationship between GOD and HIS child. As good parents we always want our children to share with us their joy and pain; their needs and wants; their dreams, goals and visions for their life. It’s no different with GOD. HE desires an intimate relationship with all of HIS children; this is only possible when there is communication going on between both parties and spending quality time with each other. When I used to work; I was known as a workaholic. However, my love for my children outweighed my job and I made a decision that on Saturday’s my kids and I would go to breakfast and dinner; we would talk about what is going on in their lives and on Sunday after church we would go to breakfast or brunch and again just enjoy being with each other. This was quality time for me to be with my kids; when they shared their lives with me, this was prayer. I got to know what their needs were and maybe how I could help make their lives easier. GOD is not going to step off HIS throne and hang out with us but HE will make HIS presence known anywhere you maybe that you want HIM to show up. Just make up in your mind that you want to talk with GOD and not to HIM. You desire an intimate relationship with HIM because HE really wants to have a relationship with you. There are gang loads of promises in the Bible but you will not get them if you don’t know that they belong to you. Read HIS Word; speak with HIM about your joy and pains; your needs and your wants. Get comfortable with The FATHER; tell HIM some jokes (clean please) after all HE is the creator of humor. Sing HIM a prayer in song if you are more comfortable with that. You don’t have to stand a certain way, hold your hands a certain way, speak a certain way or bend your knees to talk with GOD. If there were legal formalities to prayer none of my prayers would ever go through. I’m so comfortable with GOD that I actually have diarrhea of the mouth with HIM. I enjoy speaking with HIM; I look forward to speaking with HIM. It’s almost difficult for me to imagine a time that I thought I did not need to speak with HIM. Just keep it real because HE knows who you are. If you speak slang; so does HE. If you speak with a lot of profanity speak on; eventually HE will clean your speech up. As I said before keep it real. But keep in mind that if you are in prayer for someone or for something let your request be made known to GOD and ask in JESUS name.   

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