Bless and Blessed

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What does it mean when the Word of GOD inform us that HE will bless us and what does it mean when we bless others? When GOD informs us that HE will bless us, what is meant is that HE sets us apart through consecration to HIMself and that we are sanctified through CHRIST JESUS. In this, we find it easy to bless the LORD with our entire heart, soul, and strength. We do this through exaltation, magnification and praising HIM. When we bless others we do so by pronouncing happiness because it’s our desire that the person or people be happy. We want others to experience peace, plenty, prosperity in what temporarily concerns them and success. We may not realize this is what we are saying when we say to others “be blessed” but it is.

The LORD GOD promises to be a blessing to anyone who will bless HIS children of faith in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS because of Abraham the father of faith. Those who are blood washed because of the salvation we believe in through CHRIST JESUS are descendants of Abraham and we are a mighty nation. It was all because of Abraham’s faith that we are a blessed nation through him. How awesome is it that because Abraham obeyed the voice of the LORD GOD that we by faith get to experience the promises given to Abraham. The Seed of Abraham was not his illegitimate son born out of the effort of flesh between him and Hagar nor was it his promised son with Sarah. But his Seed is JESUS who you will find in the genealogy that most readers find so very boring to read. It is in the Seed of Abraham who is JESUS that every nation becomes blessed. We are impossible to count as the stars and the grains of dust on the earth. We are everywhere, North, South, East, and West of every region of the earth. No matter what false religion has a greater majority in numbers within those regions, it is not void of true CHRISTianity where faith in CHRIST JESUS beats in the heart of the believer. And it is because the blood washed child of the Living GOD resides in a country where the worshipping of false gods is prevalent that it is not destroyed. All is required is to have one soul who is righteous through CHRIST for that country to experience the blessings that overflow from the child of the Living GOD. CHRIST JESUS is blessed and this is why we are blessed in HIM. HIS very name cannot be forgotten because it’s eternal. What a time to shout praises to CHRIST JESUS because HE promised Abraham and all the prophets spread the news about the promises of sharing in the covenant made between GOD and Abraham. I’m descended of Abraham, are you? Well, if you are then along with me you are a blessed person on this earth. As for anyone who does not have Jewish blood coursing through their veins there is a special excitement that you should have as I once did before I found out through DNA testing that I have Jewish blood coursing through my veins. Now, I’m doubly excited to be Jewish by human effort and to be Jewish by faith in CHRIST JESUS who circumcised my heart to be Jewish because HE is Jewish. GOD justified non-Jews by faith in HIS SON by preaching the gospel/Good News to Abraham and this is why believers in CHRIST JESUS are blessed.

No one can care for us as the LORD JESUS does this is why we are to allow HIM to bless and care for us. In CHRIST JESUS we are blessed in our going in and our going out of any city, country or town. Every descendent who comes from our body is blessed. Our finances are blessed. The LORD is who bless our food. This is why we need to be thankful for every morsel of food we decide to pop into our mouth because HE is the ONE who provides us with the food. And, HE also will bless everything that we decide to do in HIM.

So, because we are so very blessed in CHRIST JESUS don’t allow those who are ignorant about JESUS and who we are in HIM to cause us to stoop down to their level. We will like to think that this catchy phrase came from those who we admire such as “When they hit low, we rise/soar high”; thank you, First Lady, M.O.  But in actuality, we are encouraged first by JESUS when HE said that we are to “bless those who curse us”.  And the Apostle Paul chimed in with “Bless those who persecute us, bless and do not curse”.

Remember, that we are a blessed nation all because we belong to the Living GOD due to our faith in CHRIST JESUS. HE is the One who chose us to be HIS own inheritance, we did not first choose HIM. We are a holy people because we belong to the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS. From all the people on the earth, HE chose you, me, and us to be HIS own special people.

Blessed is CHRIST JESUS who came in the name of the LORD GOD; praise is GOD in the highest!

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