Preach the Word!

2 Timothy 4

In the beginning of this chapter it is so vividly clear what is to be done and why. Let me quote in part the verses. “I (Timothy) charge you before GOD and the LORD JESUS CHRIST who will judge the living and dead. Preach the Word!” Nowhere do I read preach about self; preach about your possessions; preach about the church building; preach about the congregation; preach about your desires and so forth. The five fold ministry have gotten so far off track that it will take the Holy Spirit to move us back to where we began when we started. We had a burning desire to fish for lost souls. What happened? Now it’s all about the titles, the size of the congregation, getting a new building when you may not need one. And talking about the possessions that we have. Preach the Word! That’s the charge the Living GOD has approved or else it would not have made it in HIS living Word. Nothing has changed; we don’t have a new agenda or charge. We are to convince the lost about who JESUS is and what HE has done. We are to rebuke sin in all its forms; we are to exhort JESUS not us. Preaching and teaching JESUS to those who don’t want to hear about HIM is not easy; yet, we are to deal with our assignment in longsuffering and teach those who are already saved but preach to the lost. We must be watchful as well as equip the saints to be watchful in all things. We will endure afflictions because we are determined to take a stand to preach the Word in grace, love and mercy as well as teach in the same manner. We are all not called to be an evangelist; however, we can all do the work of an evangelist. To the evangelist know your calling, know your ministry, know the anointing and gift that the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS gives to you and do not forsake your ministry or feel as though you are not as important; you are apart of the 5 fold governmental calling of CHRIST JESUS. There is a crown of righteousness available in which the LORD our righteous Judge will give to those who love HIS appearing. JESUS is well aware of our defense that we will be friendless and family will turn their backs on us; know that this is an indication that we are doing the will of GOD and not satisfying our own will. Remember that we have a friend who sticks closer than a brother and we have a FATHER when we become fatherless. The LORD GOD and CHRIST JESUS will stand with us and we will never be alone. We will be strengthened by our LORD and the message of our LORD will be preached fully through us so that all Gentiles (non-believers) will hear. CHRIST JESUS will deliver us from every evil work because we are preserved for HIS heavenly kingdom; this is HIS promise to us. Don’t forget the promises given to us by JESUS for HE is faithful even when we have become faithless.

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