You need to rest

Hebrew 4

We have been given a promise; yet somehow we have taken on a belief that JESUS has given us a promise with HIS fingers crossed behind HIS back. I don’t know any other way to get this across. JESUS promised us that we are to enter HIS rest and the key word here is rest. What is your definition of rest? Is it to sleep; lie around and be lazy or to trust that everything is well taken care of? I believe that when we were given this promise to enter into the rest of GOD that what was being said to us is this. Relief or freedom; especially from anything that wearies, troubles or disturbs us. I believe that we should always be in a state of calmness and tranquility. And lastly to be supported by the Word of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. Many folk hear the gospel but not many folk listen to the gospel. For example; how is it that two people can hear the Good News and one steps out on faith and receives while the other reject what was heard? Simple, the one who heard profited due to faith while the other did not profit due to lack of faith. We must believe before we can enter into GOD’s rest. Any place in your life where you are not resting is that place where unbelief is skulking around. Disobedience is often exhibited when there is no belief in what was heard. The Israelis that Moses led out of Egypt are great examples. Each day; we need to hear the voice of GOD through HIS Holy Spirit. Some of us don’t hear Him speaking to us because we have hardened our hearts and some of us hear Him speaking but will ignore Him. But it is those who have hardened their hearts that will lose out. JESUS said that there is a rest for GOD’s people. Religion tells us that we must do, do, and do. When JESUS is telling us to rest, rest and rest. When I hear people say that GOD helps those who help themselves. This lets me know without reservation that they don’t have a clue as to who JESUS is and what HIS Word is telling us. My elementary school math teacher used to always say this and once I became an adult I understood. “An empty cart makes the most noise.” My grandmother used to tell me; “If you want to know who a person is, listen to them speak.” I got it as a young adult; those who don’t know what they are talking about will speak the loudest because their words are empty and have no merit. As well; to find out the intelligence of a person listen closely as to what they are saying. Most times the conversations that I hear around me are nothing more than noise. Most of the advice people try to offer me regarding this ministry is nothing but noise. Most times when I say something and it’s not verbalized in the manner in which another person believes it should be verbalized informs me that the person believes that what I am saying is nothing more than noise. It’s not hard for us to work towards a goal when it comes to religion; it is however difficult to enter into the rest of our LORD JESUS when we have no relationship with HIM. This is why we must be diligent, make up our minds daily to rest. JESUS has everything under HIS control. It does not matter what things look like; it does not matter about how we feel. What matters are the promises given to us. Ask yourself often if you have too.

  • Is GOD’s Word living, powerful and sharp?
  • Am I hidden from HIS sight?
  • Am I going through difficult times alone?
  • Does GOD really understand the temptations that I face from day to day?
  • Am I an individual to GOD or a group?
  • Does GOD have time to listen to me; does HE hear me?

Once you know with assurance the answers to those questions above; I believe by faith that you will finally understand what it’s meant to enter into GOD’s rest.

Resting in the Word

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