It’s amazing to me how we can read the scriptures day after day, year after year and when taught by the Holy Spirit we are taught in our spirit what we’ve never seen before. Though we’ve read these same scriptures day after day and year after year countless of times.

As I was reading Romans 8:29 for the first time I saw with my spiritual eyes what I had never seen before. And I was immediately taken in my spirit by the Holy Spirit to Jeremiah 1:5 confirming that which we have known, and it reminded me. I had known this in my head and I often reminded myself sometimes in my early years of this fact but not often enough.

As a CHRISTian family, we don’t spend much time speaking on this. We need to remind ourselves that JESUS had already known who we were, meaning the following.

  • What year, time and generation we were to be born in.
  • Who our parents, home life, family, environment, and community would be like.
  • HE created to perfection how we are to look.
  • HE knew how far sin would take us.

JESUS had already appointed us to resemble HIMself. This is why JESUS is the first born of so many of us. And because we are the very image of JESUS, we are blessed not with a little dab will do us. Not with some, but with every spiritual blessing, meaning nothing lacking and nothing missing. But we don’t speak this, we don’t think this, and we don’t live this. We are in CHRIST!

JESUS chose us, we are in HIM! JESUS did this before the foundation of the world. In other words before Genesis 1:1. So be holy. We are without blame because of the blood on us in JESUS in HIS love for us. We were predetermined before the beginning of time to be reconciled back to the FATHER.

We are not throw aways, we are not castaways, every single human has the choice to receive the gift of salvation. And those that will receive are the one’s who were chosen from the beginning by the FATHER.


Romans 8:29 & Ephesians 1:3-6, 11


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