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July 22, 2020


The Holy Spirit is the Helper – John 14:26

Who among us who thought that we knew the Holy Ghost/Spirit has come to realize that we did not know Him at all? I can admit that I did not know Him as well as I thought and that I am nestling into the comfort of getting to know Him all the better than before.

  • JESUS said that the Helper is the Holy Spirit. 


People keep trying to help or think that they are being of help when in reality, without the Holy Spirit instructing us how to be of help we are not helping at all. Not only that but the Holy Spirit is our promise, not us. We need to rely on the promise rather than relying on ourselves.


  • JESUS said that the Helper/Holy Ghost/the reliable choice for our resource is being sent by the FATHER. 


This is our promise from JESUS that we who are in the body of CHRIST JESUS will receive from the FATHER in the name of JESUS the Holy Ghost. The promise was not to send me or you as the helper because though we may have good intentions we are not as reliable as the Holy Ghost is. This is why HE said that the FATHER will send Him. However, when we are baptized in the Holy Ghost we will be used by the Holy Ghost when we listen to His instructions as He guides us into all truth because He is the One who reveals to us what is in heaven and teaching us all about JESUS.


  • JESUS said that the Holy Spirit is the One who will teach us all things. 


We are unable to teach ourselves let alone anyone else all things. Whatever we speak should be what the Holy Spirit has given to us to speak. Nothing that we learn from the Spirit of the Living GOD is worldly/natural. Worldly/natural wisdom which edifies the flesh fades but the words which are spoken by the Holy Spirit are eternal and heavenly and can only be taught and explained from Spirit to spirit. And in due season He is the One who will cause us to remember what He has explained, deposited, and taught us.


  • JESUS said that the Holy Ghost will cause us to remember those things which HE/JESUS said. 


When JESUS rose from the dead it was the Holy Ghost who caused the disciples to remember what JESUS had spoken to them about this. Because they did not understand, because they did not question HIM about what HE had said so that they could get what HE was saying to them plainly, they did not believe. You see, JESUS does not want us to have to view anything that HE has told us before we believe. JESUS desires that we believe before we see and this comes from reliance and trust. JESUS desires that we walk by faith not by sight in HIM. Only then will we become recipients of all that we have faith for through HIM when we listen, apply, and learn all that the Holy Ghost desires to impart into our hearts. Whatever is written about JESUS before HE came down from the FATHER has already been accomplished by JESUS. Reliance on the Holy Ghost separates us because of our being anointed in HIM. To anoint simply means to apply/rub/smear; to be chosen/designated. This is what happens to GOD’s chosen, any of us who have answered the call of and taken salvation which is our gift given to us from the FATHER through JESUS has been chosen. But it is up to us to believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost so that we will become anointed. Not all of us will have a specific gift but all of us can have by being anointed by the Holy Ghost the truth that only He can and will teach us, to give to us the illumination/revelation knowledge of GOD’s wisdom and understanding, and will guard us against error.


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