The above title may lead us to think about thirst. But the scripture has nothing to do with thirst.

As a matter of fact when we have read this scripture most of us may have never received an understanding and we may have heard various reasons as to what the scripture is referring to. Well, I don’t want to discount anything our pastors have said but I do want to give us something to think about. This will give us all something to think about in our walk with JESUS as we mature in HIM and know what we can by free will do even though we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us.

As we are still growing up in JESUS we still have a desire to say and do what is against the Word of GOD. Let me give an example, we have been diagnosed with arthritis and we confess that we have arthritis. We are speaking against the Word of GOD which has told us that we are healed which in essence is doing the following, suffocating the Holy Spirit.

I know that it’s a fact that the diagnoses are that the joints show from the test that the body reveals arthritis. But Faith in the Word of GOD because of the torture, the broken body of JESUS who was crucified on the cross for us, who took for HIS very own every disease, illness, and sickness upon HIMself. So why are we taking ownership of these things?

If we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us, we hear Him speaking to us about JESUS. We hear Him giving us correct direction. We hear Him giving us wisdom for the day. But if we are not listening we are willingly stopping Him from breathing, stopping Him from His action to help us as JESUS has sent Him here to do.

To temporarily stop the breath of the Holy Spirit only causes us problems. Think back to something that we wanted to do impulsively. Because our desires burned so hot, we did not consult with the Holy Spirit and let’s be truthful, most of us never consider to speak with Him on a daily basis at all.

Our actions have the ability to extinguish and to suppress the Holy Spirit. We actually have the free will to hinder the Holy Spirit from transpiring or spreading the Word of JESUS as He was sent here to do. When we do not allow the Holy Spirit to operate in our lives freely as He was sent here to do from JESUS we restrain Him, we cause Him to be concealed, we withhold Him from escaping and being manifested within our lives so that we can live fulfilled lives and we are only hurting ourselves. We are only limiting ourselves. We are not living in the fullness of the glory of GOD as we are intended to.

This is what is meant by “Do not quench the Spirit”.

1 Thessalonians 5:19


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