Knowledge Pyramid

You know how it’s said that knowledge is power? Well, to a certain point that is true but it’s not completely true. Wisdom, however, is the principle thing that we all must have to operate with. There are two world systems the natural and the supernatural. In the natural, those who gain knowledge do so in books and life experience. In the supernatural, those who gain knowledge do so through Wisdom because Wisdom belongs to GOD and there just is no other way to get that. Now, we may call some people that we see do wise things who do not belong to GOD wise people when most likely they are just using their common sense, something that seems to be lacking in most people. You know the saying “common sense just ain’t that common.” And we are correct in saying so, this is why we coin the phrase that a person is wise with that decision but reality, if they are not a child of the Most High GOD they are not moving in Wisdom because Wisdom is the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit does not operate in those that don’t belong to JESUS.

GOD’s people, however, will want to study Wisdom and Understanding daily. This is done in the book of Proverbs which is called the book of knowledge or the wisdom book. This is the place where we store up our knowledge of how to worship, pray, understand JESUS and how we are to be in JESUS. In this, we will be able to apply the rest of the New Testament promises better within our lives. Not only that, we will be trained on when it’s appropriate to speak and what to speak. Our words will become life instead of the foolishness we once breathed.

So many of my siblings in CHRIST JESUS don’t know the completeness of who they are, how they are to live, and the power they are to have all because they do not pick up the book of life and read their Word. They do not communicate with their FATHER, they do not pray unless things go wrong in their lives. If you are a young sibling of mine you can continue to enjoy life as a young person in CHRIST JESUS, no one should tell you that you have to become instantly old in age like myself and stop living unlike myself. GOD made you a certain way and you should not give up being who you are but allow your heavenly FATHER to transform you to become a better version of yourself in character and integrity. Middle and senior aged sibs the same goes for you be you live free in JESUS, gain knowledge in HIM and not of HIM. Put away all those religious traditions and just be free. Traditions and religion cause people to reject getting to know the MESSIAH as HE truly is. It’s almost as though you are following modern day Pharisees and Sadducees and what they desire for their congregation. This is how so many people have become captives of foolishness. Because they have no relationship with JESUS, no knowledge of HIM what so ever though they thought they had all because of religious tradition. When all hell breaks loose in their church or in their home they become distraught. Some of my siblings are still captives of addictions when the knowing of the grace of GOD should have set you free by now.

We all have a measure of knowledge be it worldly or spiritual. People who have worldly knowledge have a tendency to lord it over others, thinking that they are much better than those that have not obtained the education or the life experience they’ve had. But the born again CHRISTian who is filled with the Holy Ghost/Spirit that spiritual person of GOD is gentle and kind and willing to teach and share with others what is needed to be learned. We know that just because we share with others that it does not take away from us but rather multiplies within us. We can’t be pushed out of anything and those of worldly knowledge seem to be so fearful of losing their position. We are not concerned with competition as those of worldly knowledge. Our knowledge comes from the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit which causes us to love and the world’s knowledge causes them to be arrogant.  

Proverbs 10:14, 18:7, Hosea 4:6, Isaiah 5:13, 1 Corinthians 8:1


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