Redemption – Psalms 49:8

For the redemption of their souls is costly, and it shall cease forever

A man may have wealth, and may have his heart enlarged in love, thankfulness, and obedience to do well. Worldly men have only some floating idea of the things of GOD, but with all their wealth they cannot save the soul life of themselves, their family or dearest friend. This looks further, to the eternal redemption to be brought out by the MESSIAH. The redemption of the soul is and was very costly and very dear; and it shall never need to be repeated. JESUS, the Redeemer, rose again before HE saw corruption, and now lives for evermore. This shows the foolishness of worldly people, who sell their souls. With all their wealth they cannot secure themselves from the stroke of death. Death is appointed to each person at least once; that is inevitable according to the scripture found in Hebrews 9:27 but it does not stop there. That same scripture informs us that judgment will follow. However, for the one who has been redeemed our judgment will be a simple; “well done, my good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the LORD”; Mt. 5:23. But for the person who has not been redeemed you may hear one of these statements from the LORD after you are judged. “Depart from ME, you cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels; Mt. 25:41; or “I tell you I do not know you, depart from ME, all you workers of iniquity”; Lk 13:27. Those who know and understand what JESUS did for them to pay that ransom with HIS precious Holy Blood; are forever grateful for the redemption that they now can enjoy. We understand that we have been snatched back from satan, hell, sin and the lake of fire; we understand that we have been delivered into eternity with JESUS the CHRIST which is to say JESUS the Anointed One and HIS Anointing.

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