Sorrow is a painful place to be. With it our emotions cause us to feel a sense of loss, regretful, disappointed, and sad and grief stricken. Most often than not we get this feeling when we have done or said something that we wish we could do or say differently.

The children of the Most High GOD must remember when we obey the commands of the LORD we are rich because we are blessed. We must not limit our thinking to what the world has defined as rich though the LORD is the One who can increase our finances.

When we totally depend and rely on the LORD GOD, HE will not cause us to have sorrow. Whatever we stand in need of the LORD will bless us in all things. We may believe, say or think that we are self-made but know this, the LORD your GOD is the one who gives to you.

When we come to a point in our lives when we have grown desperate or sick and tired of being desperate or sick and tired. We will be drawn to a godly repentance in which we will turn our backs on the love and luster of sin. It is here where we accept and believe then speak salvation from our Savior, JESUS.

There is also a worldly sorrow and with this sorrow is death. You experience anxiety within your heart, depression, a broken spirit, and evil days and with this our afflicted spirit causes our bones to become dry.

However the blessings of our LORD gives to us richly a merry heart which causes healing. We will feast from our merry heart day in day out, year in and year out. In other words the joy of the LORD is our strength. Our outward appearance glows because of GOD’s goodness. Because we know that the Word of GOD is good and makes us glad.

Proverbs 10:22, Gen. 24:1, 35, 26:12, 2 Corinthians 7:10; Prov. 12:25, 15:13, 15, 17:22.


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