The LORD GOD commanded mankind to be fruitful and multiply. This did not only pertained to bringing forth descendent through the reproduction of self-effort. It also means that we are to learn and teach everyone we come in connection with about the saving grace of CHRIST JESUS. JESUS came and saved the world from sin through HIS blood on the cross by dying so we do not have to die and rose from the dead to prove HIS authority and existence as the one and only GOD.

When we share our testimony of our experience from or with JESUS to others and invite those who don’t know HIM and HIS love toward us. We present the free gift of salvation that was so costly in hopes that they will receive the gift from JESUS. Once people by faith receive the blessed gift of salvation, the reproduction process from sin and satan to righteousness in JESUS takes over. This is called the new birth which is not of humankind self-effort but by the Holy Spirit and the grace of GOD. This change will renew the heart and spirit by a change of affections. This change within our heart and our affections will go from a natural hatred for GOD and HIS Word to the love of GOD and HIS Word.

JESUS came forward as our Savior with the kindness and love that only GOD can have towards humankind when HE appeared. When we tell people that we have to get ourselves right before coming to church or getting close to JESUS, we are only lying and fooling ourselves because we will never ever be able to get ourselves right enough before coming to JESUS. JESUS is aware of who we all are and HE wants us to come to HIM just the way we are. JESUS is the One who does the cleaning, and the getting us right. JESUS is merciful and HE is the only One who can, could and did save us if we only believe in HIM. By His Holy Spirit, JESUS comes in and cleans us by washing away every evidence and scent of sin from us. We become renewed and justified in HIM.

The grace of GOD which came, did not come just for one person, meaning if we have CHRIST JESUS living on the inside of us, how can we not share with others how JESUS came to save everyone? JESUS through His Holy Spirit will teach us how to live righteously, soberly and godly. We are purified and freed from every lawless deed we had within us because of the purification we now have.

What a blessing to know that JESUS gave HIMself for our sins so that we can be delivered from the pit of hell with an everlasting torment and lake of fire that is never quenched. From the snare, and grasp of satan. We have so much to rejoice about because this was and is the will of the FATHER.

JESUS expressed the brightness of HIS glory being the expressed image of HIS person who is GOD. JESUS upholds all things with HIS Word and HIS power and HE is the One who purged sin from us, then HE sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high because HIS work is finished.   

Some believe that you have to be saved again and again because we return back to our old nature. I don’t believe this because if we have to be saved again and again from sin, we are basically saying that we don’t believe that the one time crucified JESUS whose blood flowed from HIS body to wash and purify us from sin was not enough. We return back to our old nature because we do not study and apply the Word of GOD to our life, we do not believe and trust in what the Word of GOD has to tell us in that situation. Or we just don’t know what the Word of GOD has to say about who we are in CHRIST JESUS. But the Word of GOD is true and when we have come to JESUS and receive HIS free gift of salvation we are regenerated from that deadly and sinful nature we once had to a clean conscience to serve a living GOD.

JESUS purchased us, yes this was the redemption process. When we make a purchase it cost us something and we get a receipt to prove what was sold to us. This too is a redemption process.

It’s good and acceptable in the sight of GOD to have us desire to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the  pure truth.

I hear many people say that negative things happen to us because GOD is trying to tell us that HE is not pleased with us. This may have been true before JESUS came and died on the cross for us but this definitely is not true today. Even before JESUS came and lived on this earth, our loving GOD did not find it pleasurable that we would die and go to hell, a place that was not meant for us to go but was made for satan and his demons only.        GOD our FATHER has always had a desire for us to live eternally with HIM. And to live with JESUS in us and us in JESUS is truly living. I hate to hear when especially at funerals people say that GOD needed someone or GOD took someone or GOD needed a flower or GOD has made someone into an angel. These stupid quips may make a person feel good for the moment but these stupid quips also push people away from a loving, kind and merciful GOD. Our GOD does not find pleasure at any time when people die. But when people who know JESUS by faith and intimately leave us, they are only asleep and will rise again. This is one of the reasons why our FATHER wants us to turn from death in satan and live in CHRIST JESUS.

Ah, eternal life. To have a spiritual and heart knowing relationship with JESUS the only true GOD who was sent to us.

Don’t you want to know JESUS? Don’t you want to understand who JESUS is and who we are in HIM? JESUS has a delight in exercising towards us HIS lovingkindness and righteousness in the earth. And because we belong to HIM we no longer have to be judged by HIM because that has already occurred. However, those who do not believe and receive HIM will be judged and JESUS has no delight in that. HE has done all that will be done for us to come to HIM through faith. So HE will find no pleasure in pronouncing judgement on those who have rejected HIM.

There is no other GOD but One and He who glories, glory in the LORD. The LORD is a light to mankind if you want to come out of darkness.

Sin is magnified by the law and the law shows us that we are unrighteous and sinful in the sight of a holy GOD. And trying to obey the law by self-effort, by our own will never justify us before the sight of our holy GOD. This is why we need JESUS so desperately so we can stop trying to be righteous and just be righteous in JESUS.

So come all of you who don’t have JESUS living in your heart and you are not living in JESUS, come. Allow JESUS to give you a new heart and a new spirit within you. Allow JESUS to tear down your hard heart that heart that you barricade in the hopes that it will not be hurt again. And JESUS will give you a soft, fleshy and loving heart from HIM. Every human needs to be regenerated in CHRIST JESUS.

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