Some people profess to be christians because they believe in GOD. So does demons, their belief is in the One GOD and they tremble. Some people profess to be Christians because of their religious affiliation. They don’t have religious affiliations in heaven.  And some know that they are CHRISTians because they know with assurance that JESUS is the SON of the living GOD, that HE died on the cross for the world and that three days later HE rose from the grave. Was seen by many and ascended and is seated at the right hand of the FATHER.

Now what is perplexing is that when you understand that the FATHER, JESUS and the Holy Spirit takes up residency within us. How is it that we pollute the house of GOD?

Some of us are so concerned with the edifice of a building made with wood and brick that we don’t take into consideration that whether that building falls or remains, we are the temple, we are the church, it’s within us were the living GOD dwells. So how do we pollute our temple? Our temple is polluted by our heart, our motives, our deceit, our hidden sins, our addictions, and our disobedience to GOD’s Word. What are we speaking with our mouth gate, after all what we speak comes from our heart. What are we paying too much attention to, listening to and watching? What negative emotions do we harbor against another? And though we will never read in the bible that smoking will cause us to enter hell, killing and murder does. The warning label on the side of a pack of anything that is smoked or chewed that is a tobacco product informs us that first we will succumb to major health problems and then death. Yet, we come up with all types of cop out excuses and try to make the Word fit out life style when in essence this is not how it works at all. Never has, never will.

Some of us will profess that we are our own man or woman. When the truth of the matter is at know time do we belong to ourselves, we either belong to the devil or JESUS. When we belong to the devil we are supposed to live in abandoned, condemned, run down graffiti and polluted temples. But when we belong to JESUS we are to give ourselves entirely over to HIM so that HE can enter into each and every dank, dark, mildewed, cob-webbed, dusty, urine soaked, graffiti written and polluted area of our heart. Allowing JESUS and the Holy Spirit to open up all the windows and doors to shine light in there, disinfect the areas thoroughly cleaning them out. Then JESUS replaces all our addictions and one sided desires with HIMSelf, the fruit of the Holy Spirit and we begin to develop a character and integrity of CHRIST JESUS.

1 Corinthians 6:19

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