This may seem harsh when reading John 5:21 especially to the one who operates in faith and you, don’t see the manifestation of what you asked for. Your loved one has died a natural death, you asked, you cried, you yelled and you discharged mucus from your nose. All in an effort to have your loved one returned to you. The question that remains is why do you want your loved one back?

  • Was your loved one so loving towards you and you toward your loved one that you just don’t want to be without the person?
  • Were you disrespectful and you want a chance to make it right?
  • Was the person very ill and you never asked the person if they were ready to leave so in your selfishness, you prefer the person to be here rather than gone?
  • You are really in need to have that person to return. You had shown great love and respect to that person and it’s important for that person to continue, not so much for you but maybe for a young child that has been left behind. You had prayed and believed for this person’s health to be restored but for some reason, death stole your loved one.
  • Lastly, which really should have been the first one, you a born-again CHRISTian and neglected to witness salvation by the words of your testimony and the blood of the Lamb.

Well, allow me to explain that when a person dies a natural death it was not commissioned by JESUS. It was not the original design for any human to die, death came about through Adam in his disobedience and he and all his decedents (us) became sinners. Next, you need to stop saying or listening to anyone that says, GOD needed another flower in HIS garden or HE has made your loved one an angel. This is not true. We are made in the image of GOD, so why would you need to die to become a flower which is beneath humans. And why would you become an angel when we are to judge the angels? All this does is continue to make an unbeliever in JESUS, continue to disbelieve in HIM all the more. Who can wrap their mind around someone who we say is loving and forgiving and yet the demonstration of this twisted love is to kill your loved one. It’s the FATHER’s prerogative to raise the dead just as in like manner when HE breathed life into the first man. It was once thought that when life-expired it could not be rekindled. But JESUS showed HIS authority over death. JESUS has the power to raise the dead, and to give life. JESUS has the wisdom and sovereignty of GOD and JESUS is the One who holds the key to life and death. JESUS hates death and the time is coming when death will be no more. So does this mean that we should not pray for one that we know is dying or has died and laid in the morgue? No, but I would advise you to consider the motive as to why you will want to pray for the return of a loved one. And if for whatever reason your loved one has not been resurrected for you now and you know with assurance that this person died a natural death in JESUS. Meaning, they are only asleep because of their relationship in CHRIST JESUS, and they bore fruit for the kingdom of GOD.

Be at rest knowing that you (if you are a Born-Again Believer in CHRIST JESUS) will see your loved one again in the resurrection. That day when JESUS returns and all the dead in CHRIST will arise and be taken back with HIM. Know in your heart that everyone who is in CHRIST JESUS will never be lost or taken away. You need to understand that the FATHER has a will and a purpose that HIS children because we have seen the SON JESUS, and have accepted, and believed in HIM as our Savior, we have eternal life with HIM. We are all going to rise from the grave, I don’t care if we’ve been cremated or buried, we will rise and join JESUS in the air. HALLELUJAH!

So how can we be assured of this? The FATHER will give you a desire to answer the door because JESUS has been standing at the door of your heart knocking or you will hear the Holy Spirit calling you to JESUS. Either way, that desire will be like your desire for anything you crave now that has nothing to do with JESUS and you answer your desire. How will you know that you actually have that desire from GOD? Easily, the devil will never, ever give you a desire for anything that pertains to JESUS nor will he give you a desire to do, say or think anything that will give GOD glory.

Once we belong to CHRIST JESUS there is nothing that will be able to take you from HIM. You have become the apple of HIS eye, you are in the center palm of HIS hand, you are the beat in HIS heart and you are forever on HIS mind.

JESUS is the complete resurrection because HE is the one with full authority over death. And JESUS is complete life and it is within HIM that our life truly begins and never ends. We must never, ever doubt HIM, we believed in HIM for salvation we must believe in HIM for all. And even if we die before HE returns, know that we are only sleeping in HIM, we are not really dead. It’s only those who have continued to reject JESUS that dies on earth and will be cast into the lake of fire which is the second and final death. But don’t think that those who are in hells fire will be dead from remembrances or senses, they will know people there and they will remember everything. But there is no love there.

I’ve heard it said that JESUS lost Judas Iscariot because he was the one who betrayed JESUS. You must realize that JESUS knew that when he chose Judas that he would betray HIM. JESUS was not caught off guard, just as JESUS knew JUDAS was stealing the money because he was in charge of the finances. Judas was allowed to walk with JESUS and JESUS considered him to be HIS friend to the bitter end. All Judas had to do was ask to be forgiven just as the thief who hung on the cross. No, he didn’t say forgive me but he believed that JESUS is who HE is. Judas reward was to be killed by satan and to this very day where he died is called the field of blood not to be inhabited by anyone.

One of the many things that we can have hope in is that in CHRIST JESUS we are all made alive and that JESUS snatched us from the curse of immortal death.

When we come to JESUS as we grow in HIM we willing give up those things that we once held so dear. In our growth in JESUS, we experience the power that is so great which brought HIM back to life. And in our growing, we will also experience what it is like to suffer. Meaning you may have something you love to do or someone you love to be with that you know does not please JESUS. To let that thing or person go will hurt us, but if we only focus on the goodness and righteousness of JESUS the suffering will become a testimony for us to use in the aid of another.

John 5:21, 6:39-40, 44, 10:28, 11:25, 17:12; 1 Cor. 15:22; Philippians 3:10



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