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All of us at some time in our lives have accomplished tasks set before us, they were performed, executed and completed. This is what is meant to when we have fulfilled goals in our life. In order to fulfill any daily task, we must bring them to a realization and carry them out. Prophecy and or promises are just that. It is our duty to do as follow in obedience the commands to satisfy the required obligation to bring to an end what it is that we need to complete. Never believe the lie that there is a period of time for us to develop so we may fulfill our potential.

People who are not the only child will be able to relate to this a wee better. But if you were born an only child and you are now a child of the KING know that you have millions of siblings all over the world. We mature at various levels so if the more spiritual mature brother or sister in CHRIST JESUS see or hear his or her sibling in error of sin we should not come down on them with condemnation and judgment like in Levitical law. No, we must be loving showing grace and mercy to restore them gently not being superior and self-righteous. Watch yourself because we can be tempted as well in the same thing. But help them, carry the burden with them. Don’t just think that all of our siblings want to sin just because, some of us have a stronghold and want to stop but may not know how or may be ashamed to speak with someone in the church because of the way we look and speak with one another. We wear so many pious masks you know what I mean. Fulfill the law of love with our siblings this is what CHRIST JESUS wants us to do towards one another. We need to self-deny and be patient with our siblings of faith. Stop believing that we have it all together because we don’t. We may be stronger than some but believe you me someone is stronger than us in the faith and we may need to lean on them. So be careful.

And by the way, writing about love, why not just love everyone not just our siblings of the faith who are our neighbors but our neighbors include the unbeliever as well. Maybe if we show love towards them we will win them by our faith in CHRIST JESUS. You know come to think of it, it’s a debt that we owe to every single human on the planet even dare I write it, Donald Trump. There I did and my fingers did not detach from my hands (lol). We need to look for the best in everyone and though I don’t agree with so much that he has said and done there has been 1-2 things I have agreed with. And they both pertain to my faith everything else has been thumb down but I’m looking for the best and I keep my mind on those 1-2 that I consider is best for me as a minister of the gospel. So keep your ears and eyes open we all can find the best in everyone. For example, maybe we need to focus on a person’s hair, teeth, clothes, car, or something that we can magnify on so we will not be so full of disgust for the individual. And ask the FATHER to change our heart not so much theirs because we’re given the commandment to love so that the law will be fulfilled in us.  

Galatians 6:2, Ro. 15:1, Romans 13:8


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