1 Samuel 10:19 

From the blog titled “Save” we found out what it means to be saved. Now let’s discover why we must be saved.

Simply put it’s because we have rejected The LORD GOD. However, The LORD GOD has made it possible for us to return just by calling on HIM with all our heart. Our number one enemy has always been and will always be satan. But GOD is faithful to answer our call for HIS help. The enemy has done nothing but caused us the utmost trouble. But GOD will restore us back to HIMSELF. Not only does HE save us because we need to be saved but HE does it to satisfy HIS wounded heart. The LORD GOD greatly loves HIS creation that is created in HIS image and just like we are hurt when we are rejected so is HE. When we come to the place when we are sick and tired of being sick and tired; when we have come to the end of ourselves; when we realized that what we have done with our lives has brought us nothing but great pain. We call out to GOD for HIS help and HE will preserve us from destruction. When we come to GOD we admit that we are weak; simple minded; foolish in heart; blinded and made deaf to all that is righteous before GOD. We come to The LORD GOD in search of rest, peace and strength which HE will provide to us in the restoration that HE comforts us with. When we begin to renew our minds in the Word of GOD we wash our hearts from the wickedness that we once thought was such great fun. JESUS initially washed us in HIS precious blood to remove all the gunk of sin from our lives. No one is left out from being saved; it does not matter what color your skin is; it does not matter who or what you once believed in; it does not matter how sinful you are; it does not matter what you have done or said.

  • Believe

That GOD will save you because HE said that HE will when you believe and call on HIM.

  • Faith

Have faith that when you call out to GOD to save you that it has been done. Never look back; think, talk, live as one who is saved.

Keep the Word of GOD in your heart for the enemy aims at your heart to remove that which you have built your hope and faith on. Don’t listen to the negative thoughts and conversation that comes your way. The enemy will use anyone to cause us to doubt. Don’t follow the band wagon of the trend. Yes, even among the saints they are led astray by trying to keep up with the Jones. You just develop tunnel vision and keep your eyes on JESUS. Those that follow every wind of doctrine aside from the Word of GOD will fall and be put to shame. We are the most important and greatest loved among all that GOD has created, we are the only ones who are created in the very image of The LORD GOD; so HE has not sent HIS SON JESUS to condemn us for being sinful but HE came that we will believe and be saved by HIM. No-thing and no person except JESUS alone can save us from the enemy and bring us back to The LORD GOD. Don’t be fooled any longer. Only by the Word of GOD will any individual and an entire household be saved. So what must anyone do to be saved? Simple put believe in The LORD JESUS CHRIST. What we receive through the salvation in JESUS is to be justified by the washing in HIS blood which cleanses us from all unrighteousness and we will no longer be counted as enemies of The LORD GOD. Open your mouth, believe and say that JESUS is LORD and that GOD raised HIM from the dead; know this in your heart. To be saved is a gift from GOD through JESUS. The LORD GOD does not want any person to be unknowing of the truth. There is nothing outside of belief and faith that we can do to be saved. We can be the nicest person, we can be a part of some great charities, we can tithe, and we can give until we have nothing left to give. But if we don’t believe and have faith in JESUS it means nothing. Those who have believed and have faith in JESUS will be with JESUS but those who reject GOD because they have not believed and have faith in HIS only begotten SON JESUS, will be destroyed.  

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