Searching for GOD

Searching for GOD

Deuteronomy 4:29 

Long before I was born; man has been searching for answers to their existence and GOD. Unfortunately there have been many who in their darkness went further into darkness with worshipping of false gods.

We are hard wired to search for GOD but in that search many will listen to what seem so right but yet is so very wrong. Throughout the centuries man has changed the rules to worshipping of their false gods and many have died and gone to hell; holding on to their beliefs and following all the man made customs.

GOD desires for man to search for HIM; this is why that desire is there in the first place. When we are looking for truth we are looking for GOD because GOD is all truth. All of life’s questions can be answered within the true and living GOD. GOD who is truth promised that those who seek HIM will all their heart and soul will find HIM and in HIM will also discover answers to all of life’s deepest questions.

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