JESUS is the One and only One who was born with the purpose to die. Before anything was ever created it was already purposed in the FATHER’s heart to send to this world JESUS so that HE can redeem sinners back to the FATHER. Many who don’t understand the Word of GOD get bent out of shape and will twist the true meaning of GOD not sparing HIS SON. And they will spread that poison right along to those who don’t have the Spirit of the living GOD living on the inside of them and they all run with the foolish lies they spread. Yet, after two thousand and fifteen years and counting the truth continue to prevail. Yes, JESUS died on the cross for this evil, sinful and wicked world but the most miraculous thing happened three days later. JESUS got up without the help of human effort. In this too, those who truly believe in JESUS within their heart, JESUS provides freely all things we stand in need of and gives us the desires of our heart when HE knows that what we desire will not control us.

JESUS is not an offense unless you want to count HIM an offense to those who desire and continue to reject HIM. However, what I mean about being an offense is that JESUS did not have sinful blood as we do. So HE did not sin. When JESUS woke up on the third day and came up out of that grave, HE was victorious and we became justified from our past.

So you see, JESUS had to die and HE had to rise again. If HE had not, our hope would be useless and no better than religiosity and the cults. JESUS is the only person who can and will cleanse us from our sin, forgive us and teach us to live victoriously in HIM. Because we are overcomers in CHRIST JESUS who overcame this world.

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