A seed has one purpose. Reproduction. When I see a man, not a male but a man, I see a nation. When I eat any fruit that grows on a tree, I see an orchard. When I eat any fruit that grows from the ground, I see a vineyard. When I see an acorn I see oak trees. When I see white dandelions, I see beautiful yellow dandelions.

It’s all about vision, prospective and most of all it’s all about what GOD has placed in motion that will never be changed.

The LORD GOD set in motion a Seed that all humans desperately needed. The Seed HE gave to humans gave HIM pleasure. The FATHER’s Seed was crushed for us, every type of disease, illness, and sickness was placed on the flesh of this Seed. This Seed was an offering for our sinful, guilty souls. The FATHER is well pleased with the Seed that HE sows in HIS hand because HE knows that it will prosper.

GOD’s Word is Seed and HIS Seed is the Word that was with HIM in the beginning.


So just who is this Seed? JESUS.

We are born again in the FATHER through JESUS who did not have any corruptible seed within HIM because HIS mother did not conceive HIM with the seed of man which is corruptible. JESUS is the Word of GOD HE has always lived and HE will always live and because HE lives within us and us in HIM we too live forever.

Once we have been born again, and it was real not done out of emotionalism but it was done out of faith and the heart. Then it is with  an assurance that we are Abraham’s seed, we are his seed, we share in all of his promises because we are his heirs.

And last but far from least, we are children and heirs of the all mighty GOD. Yes, joint heirs with our LORD JESUS CHRIST! Together we will suffer and be glorified with CHRIST JESUS.

Isaiah 53:10; Luke 8:11; 1 Peter 1:23; Galatians 3:29; Romans 8:17



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