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October 14, 2020

Anger: How long is your fuse?-James 1:19-20

A great example for others to see regarding how quick or slow we can become angry is by how quick or slow we react or speak. Most often anger is aroused because we hear but do not listen and misunderstandings.

The difference between hearing and listening is as follows.

  • Hear: the impression of sound perceived by the working organs within the ears
  • Listen: to give allowance, attention, and audience to those who are speaking

In the original Hebrew text, the above scripture is “let everyone be quick to listen”. We are to be active listeners. Most often when we listen we are apt not to miss out on that which is being spoken as well as get clarity then rather than later. But when we hear it is inactive because everyone who has working organs within the ears will not only hear who is speaking but they will hear all the background noise around and hear their own thoughts. All of this will cause miscommunication and misunderstanding because pertinent information could have gotten lost.

Active listening will cause us to be s-l-o-w in our speaking, not being prompted to speak hastily or through precipitating what we think the speaker will say next. When controlled by the Holy Spirit we will know not to speak with abundant words because when speaking too much sin is unavoidable. The Holy Spirit gives us valuable knowledge in His wisdom and with wisdom we are instructed to gain understanding. This helps us to take care to control our tongue from speaking many words. We become mature in discerning, cool, self-controlled, and even-tempered.

And, finally, those who have short fuses, quick-tempered, and easily provoked to anger are foolish and without self-control. They do stupid things and they look stupid. Being one who is s-l-o-w to anger and able to control their temper is honorable. We must allow the Holy Spirit to rule and control then we in turn will do likewise.

Today, ask the FATHER in JESUS name to deliver you if you fit the bill of one who has a short fuse, easily angered, or harbors anger in the heart where all anger resides. Today is the time to stop cursing, nursing, and rehearsing anger because this is what fools do. Get this understanding, anger will never promote the good life that GOD desires for us. Mankind’s anger does not produce the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS.

AMFBeM (™)

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