Part 3

In the book of Psalms, we are introduced to JESUS by His FATHER. The FATHER voiced a decree, which is a formal and authoritative order. However, for the decree to come from the FATHER HIMSELF, this is telling us the eternal purpose and that JESUS is ordained by, in and of the FATHER. Whenever we see the title LORD written in all caps, this is the FATHER. Lord or Me is referring to the SON, JESUS. The FATHER is decreeing that JESUS is HIS begotten SON. This revelation came to King David. The word begot is the past tense of beget and this only pertains to a male parent. So we see that JESUS had already been begotten from the very beginning and revealed to man that He is the SON of the Living GOD.

JESUS came to this world to serve, He is acknowledged by the FATHER to be HIS Servant. To do the works of the FATHER and to say everything HE hears His FATHER say. JESUS is the One who was being upheld by His FATHER and so we are upheld by JESUS. JESUS is acknowledged as being the FATHER’s Elect One, meaning JESUS is the One who was chosen. Not the angels, apostles, Mary His blessed mother, priests or prophets. The FATHER never once nor will HE decree, proclaim that anyone other than JESUS is HIS begotten SON. JESUS literally came out of the FATHER. And though we are sons of the Living GOD we are not HIS begotten because we are adopted into the family of CHRIST JESUS. Just as the FATHER is and was a FATHER to JESUS so is and will HE be a FATHER to us. JESUS brought pure delight to His FATHER and when we do as JESUS did and speak what we hear JESUS speak, we too are a delight to the FATHER in and through CHRIST JESUS. JESUS was given the Spirit of His FATHER who is the Holy Spirit. And because He had the Holy Spirit working on the inside bringing forth outward results, He is the only One who can bring about justice in this world. Justice does not come about through demonstration rallies, petitions or marching by the millions. Justice is found in JESUS, the SON of the Living GOD.

When JESUS came to be baptized by water, everyone at this baptism witnessed JESUS also being baptized by the Holy Spirit. And His FATHER giving public recognition of who JESUS is. The FATHER made HIS decree perfectly clear and plain. This is MY Beloved SON; meaning JESUS is chosen and marked by the FATHER’s Love, JESUS is the apple of His FATHER’s eye. In whom I AM well pleased; the FATHER is totally delighted by and in JESUS.

In obedience to the FATHER, we are doing so to bring glory to the FATHER through HIS SON JESUS. JESUS never glorified Himself and neither should we. We are not to boast about what we have done or said, our actions and speech should always reflect the power within from the Holy Spirit who directs, leads and teaches us all pertaining to the SON.

So as we bring glory to the FATHER by our obedience in and through JESUS who is the SON of the Most High GOD. We also honor JESUS in our obedience to His Word.

Matthew 3:17, Ps. 2:7, Is. 42:1, Heb. 1:5 & 5:5


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