It has taken me quit a wee while to write since the last blog. I’ve been listening to the voice of the people and waiting for the Holy Spirit to tell me it’s time.

As a former victim of depression I have compassion to anyone non-believer in JESUS and most of all a believer in CHRIST JESUS who suffer from depression.

There is so much I could share with you but it would take more of my time than this blog. And your participation would be that you just believe and trust in the right and not the wrong. This is a major hurdle that all victims of depression must overcome.

With JESUS is wisdom, not earthly wisdom that is obtained through education because that’s knowledge. Wisdom is of the Living GOD and if we want it that is where we go to get it. Also let’s face it, we must be true to ourselves. We are limited in strength of heart and mind. We are this way because we have no connection with the FATHER. Non-believers in and of CHRIST JESUS stand in rejection of HIM. So as long as they remain in a stance of rejection toward JESUS they will never know that they are overcomers of depression and can have their heart and mind strengthen in JESUS. Some believers in JESUS don’t know they are overcomers in JESUS because they will not read their bibles and apply the Word to their life.

JESUS is a counselor, HE understands the stress each of us endures. FATHER is wise in heart and strength. All that emotion, mental and physical abuse we’ve endured for many years JESUS can take it away in an instant if we trust HIM. When you think about it what would you rather have, the hurt and pain or the trust and victory of a new life in JESUS?

JESUS is mighty in strength of understanding. No matter how much we curse our pain, nurse our pain or rehears our pain, we never understand why we were singled out to be the victims of depression.

Carefully look at the breakdown of the word depression, this is what those of you who live with this demonic spirit is going through.

De = a prefix that is used to remove or separate from; Press = steady applied weight; weigh heavily on; hold close; grip; flatten; extract; harass; afflict; insistence; Pression = pressure.

Now let’s look at a few words that will accompany depression. Abandonment; anger; anxiety; bitterness; doubt; envy; fear; grief; guilt; hate; hopelessness; jealousy; loneliness; lust; oppression; pain; remorse; sadness; stress; struggles; weak; worry. 

*If you will like to read a blog I wrote on depression a few years ago you will find it in one of the other social media sites where all the blogs are posted.,

Job 12:13

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