Love-Mark 12:23

We are commanded to love the true and living GOD with our whole heart. Here is a wee bit of a test that you can give to yourself to find out if you are doing just that.

1.      When you become conscience the moment that you awaken; who is the first person or thing that you think of?

We are commanded to love the true and living GOD with our understanding.

2.      What do you know of the true and Most High GOD?

We are commanded to love the true and living GOD with our entire soul?

3.      Who or what has captured your will and your emotions?

We are commanded to love the true and living GOD with all our strength.

4.      Do you acknowledge the LORD GOD quietly and secretly; meaning do others know whom you serve; are you a closet CHRISTian? Or are you unashamed; open; loud about serving the true and living GOD? Do you offer lip service; does your car have bumper stickers proclaiming your GOD yet your character is far from HIM? Do you wear religious clothing or jewelry yet no one can see the true GOD of all creation but they can see the true god of deception?

We are commanded to love our neighbors as we do ourselves. 

5.      Do you know who your neighbors are; have you limited your neighbors to being the people who only live to the right or left of you; within your neighborhood or within your community? Do you love yourself?

Today we don’t offer burnt offerings or ceremonial sacrifices with the exception of offerings the sacrifices of praise and what we do for our heavenly FATHER through HIS SON; CHRIST JESUS. However, when we willing obey the living commandments of our heavenly FATHER they are worth so much more to HIM than our ritual performance. Love moves a person to compassion to think of others more than him or herself. Love is GOD and to truly love; you must know who GOD is; how HE thinks of you; what HIS desire is for you and what HE has in store for you. The love of GOD motivates us to do any and all things that HE desires for mankind to be. To truly know GOD is to understand that HE is not to be feared as in scared but to be feared as in reverence the utmost respect. To truly know and understand the living and true GOD and that HE love us will cause you to forgive yourself and others and to love yourself and others. You will find that tradition kills but love breaths life daily and we awaken thinking of the LORD GOD we begin to fall asleep thinking of the LORD GOD. We want to please HIM with all we say and do not only for ourselves but others also. We are to be living love letters to a hurting and dying world whose only witness is what we say and do towards them. Our love for the true and living GOD propels us to a desire to witness to at least one person a day; offer a CHRISTian tract; when standing in a long line and someone strikes up a conversation with you look for the opening to bring about the love of GOD. Show a side of GOD that most people don’t know. But in order for you to be able to do this you yourself must know the love of GOD.

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