Regardless of where we are born, meaning class. What position we have obtained in life. Or how long we have been saved in CHRIST JESUS. As long as we are housed in flesh we are going to stumble from time to time.

Most people don’t understand that our salvation is not done in or on the flesh but in and on the spirit. The true us. We are not flesh people, we have a flesh only to be seen. The book of Genesis explains in the beginning of creation of mankind; we are made in the image of GOD, Gen. 1:26. What is the true image of GOD? Spirit, John 4:24. So that lets us know that we too are truly spiritual beings dressed in a flesh suit.

The only part of the flesh that JESUS wants total control of for residency is our heart. This is the place that we must allow HIM to come in and clean daily. When we get into HIS Word on a regular basis through quality time and speak with our FATHER building a relationship we grow closer HIM. We recognize HIS scent, voice, coming and desires. All of this will place us in self-control of our own flesh.

Now as I stated we all stumble, because our flesh man is not made perfect but our spiritual man is. The spiritual us will only become perfect once we accept and believe in JESUS as the MESSIAH whom the FATHER GOD has raised from the dead on the third day and that HE is the SAVIOR of the world.

Because our flesh is not made perfect meaning it’s not saved in JESUS it still wants to live by its sinful desires. Knowing this does not give license to return to the desire of the flesh. The habits of what we know, the desires of the heart, meaning the attitude of a negative moment in life. We all have them, at the check-out counter, in traffic, at work and so on.

Apostle James informs us about bits/bridles in the mouth of a horse, Jms.3:3. However, I’ve grown to understand over these many years that sometimes metaphors such as this does help. People are wild in sin and we need to be harnessed. Oh, not like animals but when we are Born Again in the Word of GOD and JESUS takes up residency within us. As we study HIS Word we should be applying HIS Word to our lives not just reading the bible as if it’s just another novel. So when we do stumble the Word will come to us swiftly and likewise when we stumble and fall.

Now if and when we stumble and fall don’t lay there, get up! And get up quickly because the longer we lay down the easier it is for the devil and his demons to torment us. They torment us through condemnation and we are free from condemnation, Rom.8:1. So how do we escape condemnation? By getting up and going to the person we stumbled in front of and asking for their forgiveness for our actions.

James 3:2

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