What is success?

To me success is being able to do something that I want to do and accomplish to its fullest.  Better yet success is a life not plagued with sin.

Notice I gave you two meanings; a natural and a supernatural. I did this because I want to even the playing field as we live our life on this side of heaven.

A child is born, in hard time USA or other country. Surrounded by four walls that ain’t so pretty. His parents may give him love and affection. This is where I stop. Today I have seen too many parents having children and who do not lavish them in love and affection. Parents who do not shield their child from the dangers of the world be they sinner or saint. Because if you don’t have good morals you don’t know how to pass on good morals. If you don’t have a vision to live above the circumstances of your life and have a crab mentality then that is what we pass on to our children.

 Clark wants to be a superhero; Lois wants to be nosy. What do you see in this? When you see Clark running around in his underwear jumping off chairs, the bed, steps what do you do with this? Instead of us knocking Clark for his antics why not notice that this is what a policeman does. Policemen run and jump and we consider them superheros.

Lois is always asking questions, she’s getting on everyone’s nerves; she interferes into things she has no business butting into. What do you do with this? Have her to write down what she knows thus far or to keep a journal but inform her not to make herself a pest around others. Teach her to listen without being notice and have her to write down what she has heard. You may discover that you have a journalist in the making. Around the age of 3 a child begins to show his/her purpose for being here. It’s our ignorance that destroys the dreams of 97% of people. This is why most of us go to work instead of the playground. We hate what we do to earn money because we know that we are not successful in what we are doing. We are like one of the worker ants, consistently working to provide but never achieving that deep fulfillment that dwells inside of us. When we get up each day doing what we love to do, we sing; whistle; skip; dance and enjoy life. We are a success and our bank accounts may or may not reflect that but what’s better than doing what you were designed to do. What child is born, and says at age 3-5, I want to be a junkie, hooker, slacker, slave, and gangbanger and so on? No child confirms that he wants to be a loser they all confirm that they want to be a success. To be a success begins with you and it begins today. Please don’t put it off until tomorrow because that is what a loser does. Make a mental note to envision what your life would be like if you would just follow your dream. Then write down what does it take to follow your dream, schooling (do it); reading up on your heart’s desire (do it); take the word can’t and old from your vocabulary. Must you release some of those that you pal around with (do it)….hey didn’t Nike say “Just Do It”. Ok, you’ve quoted the commercial but lost its meaning.

Look for the key to success within GOD’s eye. I’m going to tell you that HE Loves you until you get it. HE is your or want to be your FATHER. HE is not like your earthly father. If your earthly father was a sperm donor; it’s not your fault, you had nothing to do with that, GOD had you to come into this world by that route for a reason; you have the stuff to make it. If your father is a criminal (including inside the house and outside the house) that’s not your fault. Out of that entire negative you will learn about strength you never knew existed inside of you and you will succeed in life as GOD planned for you to. If your father is in prison; he is only behind iron bars you are in prison too if your soul has not been set free form sin. It’s just that you have not died as yet to be carried away to a place where the bars will never open for release. If you had a loving and embracing father; congrats, I did too. But JESUS has proved HIMSELF to be a better FATHER than I could have imagined. If your father is deceased, I’m sorry but JESUS is Alive. HE has the ability to speak to you and you will hear HIM. HE has the ability to touch you and you will feel HIM. HE has the ability to walk with you and you will know this. What you lack from your father, JESUS is so much more. Find your success in HIM first by accepting HIM as your Savior. Repent of your sins ask for forgiveness, HE will not turn HIS back on you and continue to remind you of your past or shortcomings. HE wants to see you succeed so it’s HIS desire to make sure that you continually become a better person.

I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in ME will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the FATHER. John 14:12

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