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November 30, 2020

Request Wisdom for an understanding heart – 1 Kings 3:1, 28

It is our sincere hope that everyone had a most enjoyable celebration of Thanks for Giving from GOD the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS the LORD and Savior as we gathered in person or virtually with our family and friends.

Today, as we begin to finalize on the Holy Spirit and His attributes, we will look at Him through the perspective and life of King Solomon. I chose to save King Solomon for last because there is just so much to learn from him that we can go back over previous articles and see through the life of King Solomon what went right and what went wrong.

After Solomon was anointed King, he did what we all need to do from the heart. Recognize our limitations and the need for godly wisdom and understanding. We all need to ask the FATHER in the name of JESUS for an understanding heart so that we may see people and things in their reality and so that we may judge wisely because we need to recognize good from evil.

When we ask the FATHER from the heart what it is that we desire we must be clear about what is the motivation for why we are asking for that which we are asking for. Most people do not receive what they are praying for because they are asking with the wrong intentions. Their motives are selfish and unrighteous as well as filled with fear and worry. If for some reason GOD allows what is being asked for to be given to us through an evil resource we will only take care of our hedonistic fleshy cravings. What motivates us to ask for long life, is it to further bring glory to GOD or to satisfy our own desires? Why do we want great wealth? Why do we want to see those that we do not get along with to be harmed either emotionally or physically or both? GOD will never consider answering the prayers of anyone who has these desires within their hearts. And, most often when people pray with the wrong motives they try to get that which they are asking GOD for with their self-willed ability. GOD will answer the prayers of those who desire to have an understanding and compassion of people and why they are the way they are and to look for ways to bring them to a way of justification through CHRIST JESUS not necessarily through, Bible beating them every chance we get but rather through our demonstrating CHRIST love towards people.

We must ask the FATHER to cleanse our hearts from all selfish desires such as financial riches [to satisfy yourself rather than helping those in great need], possessions, personal glory, and honor, endangerment to the lives of those who hate us, or for a long life just for the sake of living that life without being led by CHRIST JESUS. And then ask the FATHER to replace those evil and wicked desires for an understanding heart filled with HIS wisdom to make godly decisions and to dominate those things which GOD has placed into our hands. 

When we ask GOD for HIS wisdom to understand ask specifically what it is that we require HIS wisdom in knowledge and understanding of. Such as but not limited to all types of dreams, literature, and visions.  Our hope is that our hearts be encouraged and knitted with an unselfishness in love for all humankind. Our richness must be in the understanding of the joy we have in our salvation which is a true and intimate knowledge of GOD the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS our LORD and Savior. The treasures that we should desire are located in CHRIST JESUS which is the knowledge and wisdom of the purpose of GOD the FATHER.

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