Free from internal offensiveness. Free from immoral impurity. Free from ceremonial defilement, guilt, and disease. When CHRIST JESUS cleanses us we are forever free from sins and we become purified and all matter of any kind is removed from us.

What would happen if we viewed sin as aids, the disease that attacks the immune system and eventually the vital organs? Sins cannot be cured by modern science or by simply abstaining from acts which are displeasing to GOD. No, we are all born in sin and there is only one true cure and that is believing in CHRIST JESUS. Leprosy was then and is now a disease that destroys the body inwardly as well as outwardly. People with aids and leprosy are outcast from others or those that have the disease will try to hide it from the public as long as possible before family and friends will only deal with them from afar. Those with aids or leprosy are either institutionalized or hospitalized in a nursing home where most are not touched with compassion and love eludes them. However, in the four gospels, we see how JESUS was moved with compassion and touched lepers and spoke to the disease and the disease left them. This is how we who have living within us JESUS the CHRIST must show ourselves to others, we must show loving compassion and speak with authority to the sin, not to the person. Sinners are aware that there is badness within them but they need someone to share who they can be in CHRIST JESUS and how HE will see them once they begin to believe in HIM. The LORD JESUS is always willing to cleanse people from sin just as HE was willing to cleanse every leper that came to HIM. So it’s not about whether or not HE is willing it’s about whether or not we are willing to be clean from sin. When JESUS cleanse us from sin it’s not a process it’s an immediate cleansing. We just need to believe from that moment on until we sleep in HIM awaiting the resurrection. Religion and religious people will teach that we must do this or that when in truth all we need do is believe in CHRIST JESUS and allow HIM to clean us from the inside out rather than from the outside in which never works. What the performance of works does is make us hypocrites, pretenders to those who think that what they see is accurate in those who appear to have it all together. If they only knew that when no one is watching those that they believe are very holy are actually hellions, practicing those things that they ought not practice. Such as anger, pride, lying, manipulation, sexual immorality and more. And if caught will try to justify their acts with scripture. We self-indulge in sin because that is what we want to do, so why not be honest about that. No one can make a true CHRISTian sin because they are no longer under the law and when they do sin it’s done mostly out of ignorance of the Word of GOD or they allow their flesh to get caught up in a situation that they should have ignored and walked or ran away from. Religious people are blind to the full truth of CHRIST JESUS and because of this will try to load on others the very things they themselves are not able to control. They look great outwardly yet inwardly they are dark and dead.

The true vine that we are to grow from is CHRIST JESUS and GOD the FATHER tends HIS garden well. If you are a gardener or know anything about gardening you understand that anything that does not produce is dried up it must be pruned away to allow growth. This is the same process that GOD will take when HE notices that there is death hanging on the branch of the Vine. HE does not allow it to remain because if it does it will kill the entire plant. This process cleanses in its being pruned so that the living will produce more excellently. Such is it so in the body of CHRIST, we are already cleaned and what gets pruned from us is every heavy weight of sin because sin will only produce death.

Be encouraged my beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS, we have been cleansed and pronounced clean so do not return to our old wicked ways of sins in action because we believe and have been saved from the greatest sin of all and that was that we did not believe in CHRIST JESUS. Remember that we are not common or unholy any longer.

CHRIST JESUS is our Bridegroom and we are HIS bride. HE sanctifies us with the washing of HIS Word. It is in the blood of CHRIST HIS very own virtue that has given to us HIS eternal Spirit, it was JESUS CHRIST who offered HIMself for us who endured the shame and punishment that we ourselves rightly deserve. JESUS knew no sin because there was and is no sin to be found in HIM. We must stop trying to live according to the Law of Moses, and our own self-indulgence. When GOD cleans us inwardly we no longer have a guilty conscience of dead works and lifeless observances rather our conscience is free in the living GOD through CHRIST JESUS. Non-believers come close to GOD and HE will come close to you, HE is already aware that without CHRIST JESUS in your life that you are sinners so stop trying to hide from the GOD nothing is hidden from. HE sees and hears all. You are coming to HIM because you realize that you need a Savior, that all you’ve done still leaves you empty and that you have been disloyal to your Creator. We all have committed spiritual adultery it could not be helped because this is who we are at birth even though we are so very cute and precious as infants and toddlers. Only GOD can and will purify our hearts through CHRIST JESUS if we will only believe. In abundance, if we will only believe we receive from GOD, HIS grace, and peace which provides to us spiritual prosperity, freedom from fears, agitations, and conflicts. HIS grace and peace are multiplied within HIS children, they are completely full, correct, personal and precise, and will provide us with the correct knowledge of our FATHER and the LORD CHRIST JESUS.

You know how when we “speak to ourselves” or so we think we may realize that we did something stupid or tell ourselves that we must apologize to so and so for something we either did or said? Well in essence when we speak to another or “to ourselves” about something we did or said we are actually confessing. Let me give you an example. Oh, I forgot to pick up that book and bring it with me to give to someone. Then you go to someone and tell them that you forgot the book. This is confessing. It was your mistake, you are taking full ownership of the mistake. It’s the same when confessing to GOD, it’s not out of guilt but it’s an acknowledgment that we did something that we should not have done, take ownership of it without excuses. We have been placed to live in the light of GOD not to play hop-scotch skipping from light into darkness because the blood of CHRIST JESUS daily cleanses us from all impurities of guilt and our confessing is not something we do ceremonially or out of guilt. Our confessing is when we realize we have sinned and we say something about it so that we can decide to change our mind from continuing to repeat the same thing habitually. However, non-believers are to admit that they are sinners and confess that they have sinned which is the sin of not believing in CHRIST JESUS you will be forgiven of your past, present and future sins. Remember, when JESUS was nailed to the cross you were not yet born so what sins could HE forgive that is yours? The thing is that HE actually saw you and knew you eternally before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. Once you believe that you are forgiven you will be forgiven eternally so stop tripping over what you did and don’t allow others to hold you captive by your past sinful actions. You have been cleansed from all unrighteousness forever. And we now have the nature of CHRIST JESUS living on the inside of us completely.

Matthew 8:2-3, 23:25-26; John 15:1-3; Acts 10:15; Ephesians 5:26; Hebrews 9:14; James 4:8; 2 Peter 1:9; 1 John 1:7, 9




images (1)

A cloud is explained simply as a collection of vapor. They are suspended in the heavens and are quite beautiful especially when we are passengers on an aircraft and we get to behold their beauty. However, when clouds descend to the earth we call them fog and depending on their density can be rather dangerous due to the invisibility to know what is ahead. Another name for fog when it’s too thick for visibility is pea soup. Clouds, when manmade, is due to some activity that we are taking apart of like stirring up dust when cleaning; clouds ascend from smokestacks or chimneys and from our exhaust pipes on our automobiles. Most often manmade clouds are harmful due to its pollutants especially when the cloud is dark in color. When the heavenly clouds become dark in color it’s a sign that rain is coming or happening nearby. Clouds are very light and fluffy, yet, in scriptures, we see how JESUS CHRIST utilized HIS creation. In Exodus, we see HIM in the cloud by day leading the Israelites to the land in which HE promised to them. In the gospels, we see how our FATHER spoke about who JESUS CHRIST is to HIM and to us. Again, in the clouds, we will see that the clouds will become a mode of transport for CHRIST JESUS. And lastly, we will notice that all those who will accompany CHRIST JESUS on HIS return to reap HIS harvest will be called clouds.

I’m sure that when most people hear or recall to memory about when GOD spoke from the cloud when HE proclaims that JESUS is HIS beloved SON and that we are to hear and listen to HIM. We often times turn to the gospels but in truth in Psalms 2:7 the FATHER proclaimed who JESUS is. King David declared the decree which had been revealed to him that JESUS was told by the FATHER that HE is HIS SON, I have begotten YOU. Many people don’t realize what the word begotten defines when it comes to being used regarding JESUS but simply put every human has been begotten because only a male or man can beget/procreate, generate a likeness of himself. However, this does not mean that prior to JESUS becoming in the likeness of man that HE was ever birthed in heaven. CHRIST JESUS is the beginning, HE is the One who creates and speaks all things into existence that HE desires to have. When JESUS CHRIST had taken three of HIS disciples up on a high mountain the transfiguration took place and Elijah and Moses were seen and they were speaking to JESUS CHRIST. Peter made a mistake that we today are still making, he placed JESUS CHRIST on the same human level as the Prophets of old. We will take the charisma of a leader in our local assembly and adhere to his words rather than the words from CHRIST JESUS. This is often how cults begin. Now a cloud composed of light hovered as a shelter over them, noticed because Peter wanted to build shelters for JESUS CHRIST, Elijah, and Moses how GOD provided HIS own shelter for them. Within that cloud came the voice of GOD who set the record straight in the hearing of those that were present. JESUS is the beloved SON of the FATHER and HE has always been and always will be delighted in HIM and we are to hear and listen to HIM. If we hear and listen to CHRIST JESUS through HIS Word, the Holy Spirit and when HE actually speaks into our spirit we will not be in the trouble we so often find ourselves in. In Hebrews 1:5 we can find this question. Which angel did the Almighty GOD ever say that HE is their Father or that HE will be their Father and they will be HIS sons? If you can find the answer to that question that states that HE is, by all means, write to me and give to me the scripture chapter and verse. Yet, there are those who worship angels. Angels have not been established in the official Sonship relationship with kingly dignity as the CHRIST. So, why worship any creation that is supposed to worship the FATHER and the CHRIST? The FATHER has been and always will be a FATHER to CHRIST JESUS and CHRIST JESUS has been and always will be a SON. Hebrew 3:5-6 notice the difference in the offices between Moses and CHRIST JESUS. Moses administered well over the house of GOD as a servant whereas CHRIST JESUS administered well over the house of GOD as the SON and the Master of it. Never will a servant/slave have the same authority as one who is an heir by blood or DNA unless otherwise written by the former master. Before CHRIST JESUS make HIS triumphal return to earth we will witness various signs and those who belong and are heirs to the promises of GOD must be watchful with joy daily because some of the signs have already manifested themselves. But unlike those who do not belong and who are not heirs of the promises of GOD we are not to suppose those things that we see and hear because often times what is seen and heard are not the signs that we are to take notice of. The final sign will be the signal that CHRIST JESUS is making HIS entry and that everyone will see HIM. For some, it will be a time of continual rejoicing and for some, it will be devastation. CHRIST JESUS will return and when HE does HE will be transported by the clouds of heaven and HE will have in HIM and with HIM brilliancy and splendor of power and great glory. When JESUS CHRIST did speak at HIS un-justified trial HE stated to the high priest that in their future and come to think of it some of ours those who are just and those who are unjust, will see CHRIST JESUS sitting at the right hand of the FATHER (the Almighty GOD) and the just and the unjust will see CHRIST JESUS arriving on those fluffy weightless clouds in the sky. In essence, those who have died and those who yet remain will all witness this.

As CHRIST JESUS who rose from the grave and was seen by over five hundred witnesses was speaking to HIS disciples. HE began to ascend into a cloud which carried HIM into heaven to take HIS rightful place at the right hand of the FATHER.

Everyone has heard how the cloud pillar went before the Israelites by day and the fire pillar went before the Israelites by night. But what I have noticed most when tiny tots are being read those cute little bible stories or when people read about the Exodus. The Red Sea is what we focus on the most not realizing that the Israelites were not only being led by the pillar by day in the form of a cloud but they were under the protection of the cloud. How was that possible? First, we must understand that in the OT what we often read are foreshadows of JESUS and we will only be given the revelation through the Holy Spirit to actually see HIM. Moses knew that the cloud and fire pillars were actually CHRIST JESUS leading them.

Hallelujah! Those who are righteous in the LORD should be shouting praise because we are aware that we, those who are asleep in CHRIST and those who are still living above the ground. We will join CHRIST JESUS in the air when HE descends from heaven on a cloud with the awesome loud announcement and summons from the archangel and the blast of the shofar of GOD. Forever and ever (eternity) we will remain in the presence of our LORD and Savior our GOD!

Beloved siblings are encouraged because we are not alone in this walk. We have a cloud of witnesses those who have gone before us that were believers before JESUS CHRIST was birthed by mankind so that HE would be clothed in mankind. Thank you and bless you, Mary. No, I do not worship Mary the mother of JESUS but I will give her the respect and honor she is given for her obedience and faith when she was told that she was with child and that her child is the Savior of the world. All of this is scriptural. Those that are a cloud of witnesses are those who died in their faith in CHRIST JESUS and were released by CHRIST JESUS from the bosom of Abraham which to this very day remains empty in hell. These are the ones who stood at the opening of their graves and waited for CHRIST JESUS to be resurrected and step out. These are the ones who bare testimony to the Truth.

Daniel like John had a dream and vision that he wrote down that which he saw in his head. On the clouds of heaven came someone like the Son of Man, HE came to the ANCIENT of Days and was led into HIS presence. John, on the other hand, is giving first account witnessing because though he was having a vision he wrote as though he was actually in the Kingdom of heaven. And with what he shared with those who will believe he vouched and testified for all that he was witness too which is the Word of GOD and the testimony of CHRIST JESUS. Look CHRIST JESUS is coming with the clouds and every eye will be a witness to this even those who pierced HIS flesh. Everyone will see HIM those who believe and those who chose or choose not to. Those who chose not to believe in HIM will be overcome with depression and cry but it will be too late for them. Even so, this is what will be. In the vision of John, I don’t know if how we read what his account was is actually what he said or if what we read is cleverly disguised. However, those who have the eyes to see do so. This Mighty Angel aka the Angel of LORD aka CHRIST JESUS –

  1. Robed in a cloud = HIS glory and dispensation are veiled because they are too great for mortals.
  2. Rainbow upon/up on HIS head = always mindful of HIS covenant between HIMself and Noah.
  3. Face like the sun and legs like columns of fire = face, bright and full of luster and majesty. Legs and feet, all HIS ways are both of grace and providence; pure and steady. 

I believe the two witnesses spoken of in Revelation are Elijah and Moses. They were the ones who appeared on the mountain and spoke with JESUS CHRIST and the witnesses were James, John and Peter. If not then they are Elijah and Joshua. These two witnesses are the anointed ones; sons of fresh oil Joshua, Zech. 3:1-7 and Elijah, 1 Ki.17:1 and 2 Ki. 2:11.

CHRIST JESUS will be sitting on a white cloud and sitting on HIS head will be HIS crown and in HIS hand will be a sickle (a reaping hook, see picture) which HE will use to reap HIS ripe harvest on the earth. Will you be ready to be harvested? 220px-Sickle_and_scythe

Matthew 17:5, 24:30, 26:64; Acts 1:9; 1 Corinthians 10:1; 1 Thessalonians 4:17; Hebrews 12:1; Revelation 1;7, 10:1, 11:12, 14:14-16




Move forward; advance near; approach; future to come.

Don’t be fooled by what others are saying, JESUS has spoken and those who have ears to hear have heard and known this to be true. JESUS is coming back and HE’s coming in HIS Kingdom. Many people have claimed to be HIM and there will be many more. These people have deceived thousands and will continue to lead people away from the truth. We’ve all seen lightning and how it flashes the Son of Man, JESUS will be coming in like fashion. CHRIST JESUS will appear in the sky and there will be mourning because of many who chose not to believe. Everyone will see CHRIST JESUS coming on the clouds of heaven and HE will be coming with power and great glory. Many people have come into the lives of many and shared the Good News; there are many televangelists, radio and social media ministries that actually share the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS rather than trying to harvest your money for their glory. When we choose not to listen and repent from sin and turn to true life and the light in CHRIST JESUS then those that have done this should not be surprised when CHRIST JESUS return because when HE returns it will be too late for you just as it was for those who refused to listen and made fun of Noah. But you my beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS, you be ever watching for all and the completion of the signs that JESUS shared with HIS disciples. Because in this completion no one will know what hour has been set for HIS coming, we are to just be ready. The day is coming when all non-believers and believers will see CHRIST JESUS sitting at the right hand of HIS FATHER, our FATHER, and our Almighty GOD. And, again I write that all will see CHRIST JESUS coming on the clouds of the sky. When I write all I mean just that, those who are dead in the past and those who are living in the present. And all those who have gone to sleep in CHRIST JESUS will be resurrected up from their sleep and we will enter the holy city just as it was done after CHRIST JESUS resurrected.

Many believe that what they hear are cleverly disguised stories or that which they heard was back in the Bible days as we like to call it. And I get it, many have used scripture to deceive but it is not my intention to deceive anyone about who CHRIST JESUS is and who we either are or can be in HIM only. I have a heart’s desire to see every one of GOD’s created being in the form of mankind/male and female to return back to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS our Savior. To be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. And though from the time CHRIST JESUS ascended back into heaven to be seated at the right hand of the Almighty GOD the children of GOD have been eagerly awaiting the coming again of CHRIST JESUS in all sovereignty of HIS authority and power, all majesty, and all grandeur.

Matthew 16:28; 24:5, 27, 30, 39, 42, 44; 26:64; 27:53; 2 Peter 1:16




There are two distinct definitions which describe how mankind conceives. The first is to have a fetus formed in the womb; we breed [feminine]; a woman becomes pregnant. The other is to form in our mind a thought; to imagine and devise. Our thoughts are our opinion, we have ideas that we imagine. As we form and ponder that idea of thought in our mind we begin to understand and comprehend. And just because we think to have the understanding of that idea does not make it altogether correct or absolutely incorrect.

Adam and Eve were the first to conceive because we are shown that after they were put away from the Garden of Eden that Adam began to know [have sexual intercourse] his wife. In Genesis 4:1 the noun used “now” informs us that it was not in the Garden Adam knew his wife but in the present where they made their home after the eviction from the garden. We also know that this was not taking place in the Garden because Eve bore Cain and then Abel.  The curse that Adam handed down through his blood because our blood comes from the father and never the mother is the sin of rebellion and it was present in his first-born son Cain who murdered his brother Abel. To this day sibling rivalry is alive and well, all siblings may not murder their sibs but it’s not strange that it’s done. Eve conceived her children but her first-born son conceived anger, jealousy, and murder in his heart.

Look all of we mankind is wicked and we are conceived in iniquity and pregnant with mischief and give birth to lies from the heart. We are brought forth in a state of iniquity; our mother Eve was sinful and from her all of our mothers who conceived us and so too are we. What is born from the flesh is flesh meaning physical; of our own effort. Sin came into the world through one man, Adam, and death as the result of sin, so death spreads to all mankind, it’s an infection and no one being able to stop it or to escape its power because all mankind is sinners. If we are not washed in the blood of CHRIST JESUS then we are conducting ourselves in the passions of our flesh our behavior is governed by our corrupt and sensual nature, we obey the impulses of the flesh and the thoughts of the mind. Our cravings dictate our senses and our dark imaginations, we are by nature children of GOD’s anger and heirs of HIS indignation. This is only before we decide to believe in HIM. Only CHRIST JESUS can provide us our way of escape. JESUS, HIMself gave us all a sign, the young woman named Mary who at the time was a virgin, meaning she never knew [had sexual intercourse] a man. Gave birth to a Son and HIS name is IMMANU-EL [with us is-GOD]. Also in HIS name we will come to know HIM as Wonderful Counselor, Mighty GOD, Everlasting FATHER [of Eternity], the Prince of Peace, Faithfulness and Truth, behold [look at, look towards] your GOD, the LORD GOD with might in HIS arm, HIS reward is with HIM, HIS recompense is before HIM, HE will feed HIS flock, HE will gather HIS lambs up into HIS arms, HE will carry HIS lambs in HIS bosom, our peace, possessor of all authority in heaven and earth, CHRIST the MESSIAH, the LORD.

It is glorious when we conceive the Word of, from or out of the Holy Spirit. No, there will never be another pregnancy like the blessed Mary who birthed the CHRIST but we can be pregnant with the Word of GOD because the Holy Spirit will speak only on CHRIST JESUS. Our conceiving the Word into our spirit and our listening to the Holy Spirit illuminates the fact that CHRIST JESUS is great, that HE is the SON of the Most High that the LORD GOD has given to CHRIST JESUS the throne of King David, CHRIST JESUS is the ONE who reigns over the house of Jacob and CHRIST JESUS reign has no end. Men and women, dear lambs conceive the Holy Spirit within our spirit, ask that He come and baptize you in the fullness of His power. With GOD all things are possible and we will never be too old to conceive HIS Word and Holy Spirit.

Caution, we must desire to be led by the Holy Spirit because when we are not though we have decided to believe in CHRIST JESUS and our heart is changed because HE lives within us. Without the development of character and integrity to be more like CHRIST JESUS we will be known as carnal Christians who are still being led by the flesh. The thoughts that we conceive to manipulate our brothers and sisters in the LORD is out of religion and tradition. This is found more in the lack of understanding regarding tithes and offerings. Most people don’t mind giving an offering but the lack of understanding regarding the tithe is evident in our hearts. This is because we are not taught the full truth about our tithes. We have been taught the anger and disappointment of what the Priest had done with the tithe and self-righteousness, we must learn to read the context and not just a portion of the scripture. Read Nehemiah13:4-13 and Malachi 1:1-4:6. Are we to continue to give the tithe? Yes, but not out of religious and lawful duty but out of faith in the grace of GOD our Savior. We are to never be conceived by our giving the tithe as a burden, in the New Testament we are taught to give because we desire to give. Whatever we possess belongs to us until we have purposed in our hearts to give it away without evil manipulations and motives.

Remember, we conceive in our hearts to either choose to do well in the sight of our FATHER and our Savior, CHRIST JESUS or we choose to do evil which will inevitably give birth to sin and sin will always bring forward death. So conceive as Sarah never as Hagar.

Psalms 7:14, 51:5; Jhn. 3:6, Rom. 5:12, Eph. 2:3; Isaiah 7:14; 9:6, 25:1, 40:9-11 Mic. 5:3-5, Mt. 1:20, 22-23, 28:18, Lk. 2:11, 1:31, 36, 2:21; Acts 5:4, James 1:15


Condemn/ation – Part III


Dear non-believer as I begin to close this series understand that it has always been and always will be the desire of the LORD that you believe in HIM. And those who are blood washed have within them also the same desire to see all mankind in heaven with the FATHER and the SON and the Holy Spirit. None of us want to realize that someone that they love within our family did not make it to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS all because of non-belief in HIM. However, it is very true that the living that we experience today does not compare to the living in CHRIST JESUS while still here among others. Being filled with CHRIST and HIS Holy Spirit is not the end of having fun actually it’s the very beginning. It is better to believe in CHRIST rather than doing whatever you have a mind to do and study HIS Word rather than not believing in CHRIST JESUS than to die and find out that all that you heard but continued to deny was actually true. I know that at a funeral everyone like to believe that their loved one has gone to a better place as we think of heaven. But while there is still breath in our bodies we can have a heavenly life here on earth through CHRIST JESUS. Because the truth of it all is that those that have and those that will die in sin are going to be judged and condemned to hell and the lake of fire which is not intended for mankind. CHRIST JESUS and HIS Word does not need to be debated. Never enter into a conversation about what the Bible clearly teaches us if the people we are speaking with becomes argumentative and never speak on a subject matter within the Bible that you yourself are being disobedient or have no knowledge of. When the children of the living GOD does or say anything that they are aware of is disobedient to the Bible, they will be convicted not condemned but if the children of the living GOD does sin deliberately as a habit they are already self-condemned. Get it right with yourself and with others. Do what our living GOD has spoken in our spirit, pay no attention to the nay-sayers. Because our faith in the SON of GOD, CHRIST JESUS will never disappoint us to accomplish HIS work within us. Those that will see for themselves will be condemned to the point of coming to CHRIST JESUS. However, we must learn the difference between complaining and rejoicing. Don’t engage in the common language of complaining/condemning to ourselves, others or in prayer. We should not protest against a wrong, become angry against a wrong or whine about a wrong. Stop cursing, nursing and rehearsing the wrong which has been done to us or that we witnessed which happened to our siblings in CHRIST JESUS. Instead, learn to rejoice in the wrong that has either been experienced or witness because we are not the first that these things have happened to remember JESUS suffered wrong against HIM also so we are in the very good company of our Savior. We need to remember that those who are non-believers are not aware of what is in-store for them in the continuation of their disbelief in CHRIST JESUS and they are not aware that to come against us is to come against GOD’s anointed. Our FATHER is already aware that we are being stressed out because of the sin that is all around us in this world and some of us actually can see the demons running rampant throughout places. Remember those that came before us who were surrounded where they live in their communities by sinful activities of those who did not belong to our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Remember that sinners will be condemned and though they continue to reject us and the CHRIST within us that we will continue to try and convince them by our lifestyle more than with our speech because it is what we do and how we live that is being watched even when we don’t realize it. Remember that from the moment that we began to believe in CHRIST JESUS we were rescued from the danger of our GOD’s anger and what is to come. We have never experienced the anger of GOD as many believe we have because our GOD is slow to anger and merciful. Finally, my siblings in the heart and love of CHRIST JESUS rest in the knowledge that we are of the Truth rest the heart because our assurance is in HIM. Discontinue allowing the enemy to speak in your hearing, tormenting you with nonsense, know who you are in CHRIST JESUS and know that you are no longer condemned in sin and the condemnation that we get from others is actually orchestrated by the enemy. Our hearts are not hidden from our FATHER through CHRIST our LORD and Savior, meaning that HE is completely aware of our motives and intents. If we do anything or say anything that we are not aware whether it’s right or wrong and our heart does not convict us then know that we did nothing or said nothing that we need to apologize for. All we do and say should be done with CHRIST in mind and when we keep HIM first it will be impossible for us to go against HIM. One of our promises from the LORD is that when we come to the FATHER with a request in the name of JESUS that we will be heard. We must live a habitual life of obedience to HIS commandments and injunctions to continue without fail to adhere, believe, trust and rely on CHRIST JESUS regardless of what we see. And love everyone especially our own siblings in the faith whether we know their names or not because those that we don’t know by name or those that we have not yet met are our family and our love for them must be present. Non-believers you are already condemn but as long as there is breath in your bodies you can come from under being condemned. Stop pretending to know the CHRIST by your pretty words and go against HIM in your action of lifestyle. Or, trying to enter into heaven on the coat-tails of others. You cannot enter into heaven through the back or side door neither can you enter in through an open window, you must enter through the front door only.

So today make a choice to continue to live the life of condemnation with the punishment of hell and the lake of fire eternally. Or to adhere, believe, rely in, rest and trust by faith in CHRIST JESUS who has the power to strip us from all condemnation and to live a life of peace on earth knowing that one day we will get to see HIM and the FATHER to remain living with them eternally.

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Condemn/ation – Part II


Religion has misinformed so many people to believe that when we are baptized that we will be saved. When relationship drives the believer to be baptized not out of condemnation but out of love for the instructions left for us by our Savior. JESUS was baptized and the Holy Spirit descended on HIM to proclaim aloud who JESUS is and how HIS FATHER’s heart is towards HIM. Being baptized out of condemnation and what we believe is religiously incorrect without belief, faith and trust in the CHRIST means that we are being baptized dirty and we rise dirty. Nothing has changed, we still will not have an understanding as to why we are baptized. However, the believer, the one of faith in the CHRIST and trust only in HIM will be baptized as the outward showing of all that is the CHRIST in our public display that we are saved by and through CHRIST JESUS alone who is the Savior and that we will grow in relationship in HIM to become our LORD. Many confess that JESUS is their LORD and Savior when in truth this is not so because so many of us in the beginning of our faith walk actually believe in the fact that HE is the SON of the living GOD and that HE died for us to set us free from condemnation, the curse, death, guilt, hell, sin and all the punishment that comes from the curse of sin. But it actually takes growth by faith in HIM to be sold-out to HIM that HE is now our LORD in our life. So being baptized in disbelief is worthless and it’s better not to do so when in actuality the heart has not been changed and our spirit is not alive in CHRIST JESUS. Because those who believe and trust out of faith in CHRIST JESUS have the ability to drive out demons wherever they visit when the believer does so out of the faith they have when they invoke the name of JESUS. And they don’t believe the controversy that speaking in new tongues is passé but rather for every believer who desires to speak in their heavenly language to their FATHER. When judging others we must do so out of compassion which brings about conviction instead of condemnation. Also, stop judging by the law but judge in grace and mercy this type of judging is done to distinguish between the truth and the lie. Not to embarrass and invoke shame on our siblings in CHRIST JESUS. When we test the spirits by the Holy Spirit we will not go wrong. For me in any area of my life that I’m aware that I must grow in according to the grace of GOD or that must be removed from me through having faith in CHRIST JESUS, I usually don’t speak to others about so that the area that I judge another in being legalistic will not come back to condemn me through the voice of the enemy. When I’m convicted in the Holy Spirit it’s loving and in His reproving me the change comes about effortlessly. It is better to forgive people because people do things in ignorance. We don’t understand that what we do that is shrouded in darkness is being orchestrated by the hand of the devil. So we who are the children of light must forgive, let go, love and move on. It’s strange to think that because we are religious without having the love of CHRIST living on the inside of our heart that condemning another provides comfort out of being self-righteous. Beware because you are only fooling yourself the same punishment reserved for the devil, demons and those who died in their sins is also reserved for you. It is out of the callousness, stubbornness, prideful and impenitence of the heart that anger and indignation is boomeranged back to those who judge with condemnation. It is through our misunderstanding that we believe that JESUS came into this world to reject us and to pass the sentence of condemnation to the people in the world. This is far from the truth, JESUS desire that we come to get to know HIM through HIS salvation for us so that we will become safe in HIM. This is how we escape dying in the judgment of condemnation, believe, cling to the knowledge of having faith, trust and rely in CHRIST JESUS knowing that HE is the SON of the living GOD who came to die in our place and then HE rose up from the dead victorious so that we will be victorious in HIM. But the ones who die in their sin of disbelief in the CHRIST is already judged and condemned, they will be rejected because it’s not our kindness towards others or works that will merit us the ability to enter into heaven but it’s our coming to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Disbelievers in the SON of GOD [CHRIST JESUS] will incur damnation into the lake of fire. Which do people love more, the darkness or the light? Our deeds reveal where we are in our heart and spirit.

We must understand that it only took one man [Adam] to sin and bring about condemnation for each and every one of his descendants. And it only took one Man [JESUS] to provide humankind with the free gift of being acquitted in HIM. One act of disobedience brought all people under condemnation and one act of obedience brought those who will believe through faith in CHRIST JESUS the life of righteousness. Those of us who are in true communion/relationship with CHRIST JESUS are no longer under condemnation. We are no longer guilty of being wrong. What causes the flesh of man not to cooperate with it? The law. Because it has no grace, mercy, or power, it does not show us how to be righteous it tells us to be righteous and when we go against it, it condemns. So is the law the problem? Nope not at all because the law is holy and righteous but the flesh of man cannot obey the strictness of it. There is no room for error in the law. JESUS promised to give us HIS Holy Spirit who has the power to help us in our growth of righteousness in CHRIST JESUS. JESUS is aware that the flesh is weak for HE HIMself experienced weakness when HE was tempted but there is no sin that can be found in JESUS. And because sin is not found in HIM, HE did not sin. JESUS is our sin offering to condemn sin in the flesh, our flesh is not saved but we must make it obey the living Word of GOD. The order that we must adhere to is our living spirit man within us, then the soul (emotion) and lastly our flesh. Not our flesh, the soul and then the spirit. Sin only has power when we give it power over of us because JESUS concurred sin and it has no power. CHRIST JESUS sits on HIS throne on HIS FATHER’s right side praying for all of us who are washed in HIS blood. HE does not condemn us when we sin in action because HE understands that we did so either out of ignorance to HIS truth, out of emotion {the soul}, habit, or will. So when our heart convicts us don’t take it as condemnation because condemnation nags by accusation of our mistakes. Conviction is gentle, soft and wants us to be aware of what we did or said so that we will want to make the choice to change. What personal convictions do you yourself have? Live in them in the presence of the all-seeing and all-knowing GOD. Remain true to yourself by not condemning others for what they believe in CHRIST JESUS. We are to be happy knowing that the actions of belief are what we judge ourselves by. However, if there is uneasiness brought on by others who condemn pay them no mind because we are to remain true to our convictions of faith because if it is not from our faith then it is sin. We must learn to share through suggestion how through applying the truth of GOD’s Word in our own lives and what obedience has done for us. This is a good testimony, people need to see and know what has been done in our lives through CHRIST JESUS rather than being condemned because we believe ourselves to be any better than they are. Because when we falter we are disciplined by our FATHER through love not condemnation. It is not through condemnation that brings about glory but the love of knowing that we are loved and forgiven. Forgiveness, grace, love and mercy comes over and over like the waves of the ocean.  

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Condemn/ation – Part I


I really had to put the time in to study about King’s David sin because I just could not see what had he done which was so bad. And then, the answer. Pride. The King began to believe the hype about his greatness and for a moment forgot that all his victories was because of the LORD GOD. A President, Potentates, Clergy, anyone in authority, and no one else is great because of their accomplishments we are victorious because of the KING of Kings and it will be wonderful if we were to retain this in the front of our memory. The King was responsible for the great people of Israel but he forgot that the attributions of his greatness to command these precious people had nothing to do with who he was. But what I love about the times that is recorded for us is that each time the King sinned against the LORD GOD he repented, he took ownership that he was a fool to trust in himself or to believe that whatever he desired he had a right to it. Verse one of 2 Sam. 24:10 is confusing because in the reading we don’t see the problem. But the answer is staring us right in our face in verse ten. Pride of the heart. Conviction is either found or missing in the heart. We will find in 1 Chronicles 27:23-24 that a census had been started by Joab but left incomplete because it angered the LORD GOD. So, if this angered the FATHER before what made the King believe that it was okay to go through with the census at a later date? The LORD GOD had not given the King instructions to take a census this was all his doing and besides there was no reason for this census. Warning, never be overconfident in self because there is absolutely nothing that we can do without the LORD GOD. Even to do wrong it’s because the LORD gives us the ability to move our bodies to accomplish the wrong goals. As Tye Tribbett so eloquently sang “No way I can make it without YOU”. We can’t wake up, go to sleep, groom ourselves or anything else. Humans unlike the LORD GOD does not judged our actions as we do of others. HE judges our heart the principle. HE is a discerner of our thoughts and the motives of our heart. HE judges according to truth. Another thing that we all need to be aware of is our own mouth, most of us talk too much. In our speaking it is very easy for us to condemn ourselves because we often speak before we think. When I was a child and was prone to lying my grandmother taught me that when a person tell lies the liar has to recall to memory the lie that was told. Most often the liar cannot recall the lies told and when questioned they most often will say that they did not say that or they will try to backpedal to come across as meaning something else. It is said that if any of us ever desire to know who someone is listen to them speak. Out of the mouth the heart will speak. Everything that we allow to come out of the heart, up through our vocal cords, over our untamable tongue and through the teeth will either condemn us or reveal our righteousness. Idle words spoken are inoperative and non-working in what is good. These type of words destroy, kill and steal from the soul of people who are not only speaking them but to those that hear them as well especially to the one they are being spoken to. And there is no such thing as I take those words back because words always find the bullseye we are either speaking life or death. Many people believe that when things go wrong for themselves or others that GOD is in opposition of them or others. This is not true, GOD no longer gets angry with what we do and this is because of HIS SON JESUS who endured the hardships that humans go through yet, sin was not to be found in HIM as it is found within us. Humans are often struggling in opposition to righteousness in earnest efforts to obtain one thing or another. Humans can find the most ridiculous things to be in dispute over and some live just to quarrel with others. Beloved, be at ease because our LORD and Savior has redeemed us, we take our refuge in HIM because we trust in HIM and because of this we have been acquitted of being condemned or guilty of sin. We can praise and give thanks to our LORD and Savior who will stand on the right of those who are poor in spirit and in need to be saved and those who are condemned by others. No weapon formed against us will prosper that includes the mouths of those who come against us to condemn us. So be at peace my beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS we have been filled with righteousness and security to triumph over all those who are opposed to us this is our heritage in the LORD our GOD. The Savior our LORD has told us that in HIM we are reproduced, we are vindicated because HE imparts justification.

How it saddens me that religion is upheld over relationship with CHRIST JESUS. That the law is upheld over grace. People are robbed daily all because they trust more in people who will tell them to send in an offering for this or that and they will be blessed but the offering must be sacrificial. If we are to sacrifice anything let it be the sacrifice of compassion to all mankind cease condemning the innocent in CHRIST JESUS. Get to know CHRIST JESUS personally rather than through others. Cease from living the life of the hypocrite those in the world are very hypocritical but that is no surprise. Non-believers are often condemning those that attend service in their local assembly because they say there are so many hypocrites in there yet, they don’t have a problem working side by side, attending school, or living in their communities with them. Yes, though it is true that hypocrites do attend the weekly service in their local assembly it is in the hope that they realize that they are in need of help. Everyone is in there to be changed and to grow by the Word of GOD. So, why not get your hypocritical self in there right along with them? Let everyone come to an agreement that the pretense to be something that they are not is over and that the desire to be completely washed in the blood of CHRIST JESUS is needed to be found clean. Cease from making long prayers when all that is being done is the reciting of repetitive words, GOD heard us the first time. Learn to pray from the heart, sometimes a prayer of just calling on the name of CHRIST JESUS is more powerful than a speech. This is why it’s so important to have the Holy Spirit to pray through us because we most often don’t have a clue what to pray for. Now, non-believers the time is so very short because CHRIST JESUS is coming back for HIS own and you’re not believing in HIM is your acceptance to be condemn to hell because of your unbelief. You need to inquire how to escape hell and the lake of fire where you will be tormented eternally. Humans are guilty of condemning JESUS CHRIST who was and is innocent of the charges that were brought against HIM. Though Judas is the only one who sold HIM to the High Priest and elders for thirty pieces of silver. JESUS was aware of whom HE had chosen to walk with HIM for three years to witness the miracles, love, mercy, grace, kindness, patience, gentleness, joy, peace, goodness, self-control and HIS faithfulness. Just as there are some who shadow the righteous and pretend but have not allowed the CHRIST to enter into their heart today, nothing has changed.

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